Cybersecurity is a critical concern for citizens, industry and government. Intrusions and attacks compromise everything from our personal identities to our national security, from our ATMs to our financial markets. UF is committed to anticipating cyber threats, and to reducing vulnerabilities. We’re a resource for responsive action, if and when a threat occurs. We design robust cyber infrastructure to counter cyber threats, and educate the public on how they can protect themselves.

Hear Dean Abernathy speak about the importance of cybersecurity research, and her confidence that our recent hires are the top experts in the field.

Cybersecurity News & Events

#askSENSEI Cybersecurity Livestream Q&A

In our #askSENSEI livestream event, Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s professors Patrick Traynor, Daniela Oliveira and Kevin Butler answered your cybersecurity questions and revealed their new center – the SouthEasterN Security for Enterprise and Infrastructure (SENSEI). Watch it here or on WUFT-TV.

Autonomous Systems

At UF, the future is hands-free. Autonomous Systems have become second nature to our research – whether we’re tracking hurricanes, docking submarines, surveying wildlife, or learning how to drive without driving. We’re writing policy for the future of mixed-use commutes. And we’re reimagining our hand in the final frontier: Autonomous Systems will lead us forward in space exploration.

In this video, Dr. Riccardo Bevilacqua, who builds control systems for small satellites, explains the importance of this research, and getting students involved in it.