Participants and Contributors

Participants and Contributors

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Advanced Warning and Response Network (AWARN)

  • John Lawson, Executive Director, Homepage

AinShams University

  • Wesam AbdElhamid Mohamed, Demonstrator at Structural Engineering, Homepage

Alabama Emergency Management Agency

  • Kim Bryant, Hazard Mitigation Specialist

Al Jaber Engineering

Arizona State University 

  • Zhiming Zhang, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Homepage

Arcadis, US

  • Keren Bolter, Climate Expert, Homepage


  • Scott Tezak, Vice President DHS Division, Homepage

Auburn University

Blue Sapphire Strategies

City Of Fernandina Beach

  • Stephen Beckman, Building Director/Floodplain Administrator, Homepage

Clarkson University

  • Pedro L. Fernández-Cabán, Assistant Professor, Homepage 

Clemson University

  • William Chin, Research Assistant, Homepage   

Cleveland State University

  • Wei Zhang, Associate Professor, Homepage

CDM Smith 

  • Manny Perotin, Senior Project Manager, Homepage

CNN Weather

  • Dave Hennen, Senior Meteorologist and Executive Producer, Homepage

Cummins | Cederberg

  • Danielle Irwin, Director, Homepage   
  • Katie Britt William, Project Manager, Homepage 
  • Penny Cutt, Director, Homepage 

Dalhousie University

  • Haorui Wu, Assistant Professor, Homepage
  • Julia Guimond, Postdoctoral Fellow, Homepage  

Department of environmental protection

  • Jorge Lagos, GIS Coordinator, Homepage

Department of Natural Resources

  • Jill Andrews, Chief of Coastal Management, Coastal Resources Division, Homepage 

Department of Planning & Natural Resources

  • Hilary Lohmann, Coastal Resilience Coordinator, Division of Coastal Zone Management, Homepage 
  • Kitty Edwards, Education & Outreach Coordinator, Division of Coastal Zone Management, Homepage

dixie county Emergency services 

  • Scott Garner, EM Director, Homepage   

emory university

  • Talea Mayo, Assistant Professor, Homepage    

east carolina university

  • Rachel Gittman, Assistant Professor, Homepage 

Environmental Defense Fund

  • Glenda Chen, Research Fellow, Homepage 

Federal Alliance for Safe Homes (FLASH)

  • Leslie Chapman-Henderson, President and CEO, Homepage

Florida A&M University

  • Mila Turner, Assistant Professor, Homepage

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

  • Christine Hanson, Chief, Operations Integration Branch, Homepage
  • Daniel Bass, Architect and Mitigation Assessment Team (MAT) Manager, Building Science Branch, Homepage
  • Samuel Moses Wilkins, GIS Team, Homepage
  • Warren DeTemple, Emergency Management Program Specialist, Homepage 

Flood Barrier America, Inc.

Florida Department of Economic Opportunity

  • Melissa Corbett, Community Resilience Planner, Homepage

Florida Department of environmental protection

  • Keith Laakkonen, Program Administrator, Rookery Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, Homepage  
  • Ty Amorosano, Coastal Engineer, Homepage   

Florida institute of technology

  • Chelakara Subramanian, Professor, Homepage
  • Hadley Besing, Ph.D. Student, Homepage
  • Jean-Paul Pinelli, Professor, Homepage
  • Soundarya Sridhar, Research Assistant, Homepage 
  • Steven Lazarus, Professor, Homepage 

Florida International University

Florida State University

FOX Weather

  • Mike McClain, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Homepage

Fujian University of Technology 

george mason university

  • Celso Ferreira, Associate Professor, Homepage
  • Homa Haghighi, Graduate Teaching Assistant, Homepage 

Golestan University

  • Ali Biglari, Assistant Professor, Homepage   


  • Tim Marshall, Engineer/Meteorologist, Homepage 

hdr inc.

  • Hugo Bermudez, Coastal Business Class Director, Homepage  


  • Bryan Koon, Vice President, Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Homepage

International Business Machines (ibm)

  • Jonathan Belles, Digital Meteorologist, Homepage   

Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety

  • Anne Cope, Chief Engineer, Homepage
  • Ian Giammanco, Lead Research Meteorologist, Homepage
  • Tanya Brown-Giammanco, Managing Director of Research, Homepage

Iowa State University

  • Alice Alipour, Associate Professor, Homepage

ISeeChange Miami

  • Claudia Sebastiani, Community Manager, Homepage

 Islamic Azad University of Arak

  • Mohammad Ashrafy, Ph.D., Associate Researcher, Homepage

Lee County DNR

  • Steve Boutelle, Marine Operations Manager, Homepage

Lehigh University

Louisiana State University

  • Aly Mousaad Aly, Homepage
  • Jasmine Bekkaye, NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Homepage  
  • Navid Jafari, Assistant Professor, Homepage
  • Steve C.S. Cai, Professor, Homepage  

MDT and Associates

Michael Baker International

  • Muthu Narayanaswamy, Director of Innovation, Homepage 

Mississippi State University

  • Alyssa Rodolfich, Extension Program Assistant, Homepage
  • Eric Sparks, Director, Coastal and Marine Extension, Homepage

Monmouth University Urban Coast Institute

  • Tom Herrington, Associate Director, Urban Coast Institute, Homepage

MTS systems Corporation

  • Shawn You, Staff Engineer, Homepage  


  • Leslie Hudson, Chief Meteorologist, Homepage

Nassau County 

  • Gregory Foster, Director, Emergency Management, Homepage 
  • Naomi Braff, Planner II, CRS Coordinator, Planning Department, Homepage

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (nasa)

National Park Service

  • Meaghan Johnson, Acting Chief of Resource Management and Science, National Parks of Eastern North Carolina, Homepage 
  • Monique LaFrance Bartley, Marine Ecologist, Homepage  
  • Nina Loutchko, Natural Resource Management Assistant, Homepage 
  • Rebecca Beavers, Coastal Geology and Adaptation Coordinator, Homepage

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

  • Marc Levitan, Lead, National Windstorm Impact Reduction Program R&D, Homepage
  • Maria Dillard, Acting Director of NIST Disaster and Failure Studies Homepage

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

  • Andrew Patrick, Meteorologist-in-Charge, National Weather Service Homepage
  • Andy Patrick, Meteorologist in Charge, Lake Charles WFO, National Weather Service Homepage
  • Bachir Annane, Researcher, CIMAS/HRD, Homepage  
  • Bradford Benggio, Scientific Support Coordinator, Office of Response and Restoration, Homepage
  • Brian Zachry, Science Operations Officer, National Hurricane Center, Homepage
  • Carl Alderson, Acting Chief, Habitat Ecology Branch NEFSC, NOAA Fisheries, Homepage
  • Charles Grisafi, Southeast Regional Preparedness Coordinator, Office of Response and Restoration, NOAA Disaster Preparedness Program, Homepage
  • Charlie Henry, Director, GOM Disaster Response Center, Homepage
  • Cherraceitta Taylor, Management and Program Analyst – HSPO/SMT, OAR, Homepage
  • Chris Maier, National Warning Coordination Meteorologist, National Weather Service, Homepage
  • David Wesley, Branch Chief, TSSB/ERD/OR&R, Homepage 
  • Ed Rappaport, Deputy Director, National Hurricane Center, Homepage
  • Ellen Ku, COOP Support Specialist
  • Frank Csulak, NOAA Office of Response and Restoration, Homepage
  • George Marino, GIS Analyst, OR&R ARD SBD, Homepage
  • Heather M. Holbach, Post-Doctoral Scientist, Hurricane Research Division, Homepage
  • Heidi Stiller, South Regional Director, NOAA Office for Coastal Management, Homepage
  • James Griffith, Program Manager, Homepage
  • James Kirkpatrick, Physical Scientist 3, Homepage
  • Jason Dunion, Associate Scientist, Hurricane Research Division, Homepage
  • Jessica White, Deputy, Disaster Response Center, Homepage
  • John Walker, Uncrewed Systems Atmospheric Scientist, NOAA Uncrewed Systems Research Transition Office, supported by CNSP, Homepage
  • Kate Wheelock, Program Chief, Disaster Preparedness, Homepage
  • Lewis Gramer, Assistant Scientist, CIMAS @NOAA-HRD, Homepage   
  • Lisa DiPinto, Senior Scientist, Homepage
  • Lisa Rosman, Environmental Scientist, Homepage
  • Matt Chasse, Coastal Management Specialist & Federal Program Officer, Office for Coastal Management, Homepage  
  • Michael Brennan, Branch Chief, Hurricane Specialist Unit, National Hurricane Center, Homepage  
  • Michael Davidson, Operations Manager – Navigation Response Branch, Office of Coast Survey, Homepage  
  • Nicole Kurkowski, Office of Science and Technology Integration, Homepage
  • Pablo Santos, Meteorologist in Charge, Miami WFO, National Weather Service, Homepage
  • Peter Dodge, Meteorologist, OAR/Aoml, Homepage
  • Scott Cordero, Meteorologist in Charge, WFO Jacksonville, National Weather Service, Homepage
  • Scott Lundgren, Director, Office of Response & Restoration, Homepage 
  • Sean Waugh, National Severe Storms Laboratory Homepage
  • Stephan Reissman, Program Analyst, Homepage  
  • Trevor Meckley,  Effects of Sea Level Rise Program Manager, National Centers for Coastal Ocean Science (NCCOS), Homepage  
  • William Whitmore, Scientific Support Coordinator, Homepage 

National Trust for the Cayman Islands

  • Catherine Childs, Environmental Programs Manager, Homepage

National Science Foundation

  • Joy Pauschke, NHERI Program Director, Homepage

north carolina department of transportation

  • Joshua Kellen, Training & Development Engineer, Homepage 

North Carolina Division of Coastal Management

  • Ken Richardson, Shoreline Management Specialist, Homepage

North Carolina Division of Marine Fisheries

  • Jacob Boyd, Habitat and Enhancement Section Chief, Homepage

North Carolina Environmental Quality (NC DEQ)

  • Wayne Randolph, DWM ER Coordinator, Homepage  

North Carolina State University

  • Elizabeth Sciaudone, Research Assistant Professor, Homepage
  • George Elvin, Associate Professor, Homepage
  • Katherine Anarde, Assistant Professor, Homepage 

Northeastern University

Ocean STL Consulting

Ohio State University

  • Abdollah Shafieezadeh, Associate Professor, Homepage

old Dominion University

  • Navid Tahvildari, Assistant Professor, Homepage

Oregon State University

Pinellas County Emergency Management

  • Joe Borries, Operations Manager, Homepage

Princeton University

Purdue University

Putnam County Emergency Management

  • Evelyn Choate, Emergency Management Specialist, Homepage

razi university 

  • Ali Hassanzadeh

RenaissanceReRisk Sciences

  • Eric Williford, Senior Scientist and Manager, Operational Forecasting, Homepage

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

  • Richard Little, Visiting Research Scholar, Homepage 

rice university

  • Catalina Gonzalez, Graduate Research Assistant, Homepage

Risk Management Solutions

  • Mark Powell, Vice President Model Development, Homepage
  • Tom Sabbatelli-Goodyer, Director, Event Response, Homepage

SageSure Insurance Managers

  • Richard J. Krupar III, Senior Manager, Cat Risk R&D, Homepage

scripps Institute of oceanography 

  • Ross Timmerman, Data Analyst, Coastal Data Information Program, Homepage   

seahorse coastal

  • Janelle Fleming, Co-founder, Homepage 

Sea Grant 

  • Holly Abeels, Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent, Homepage
  • Liliana Ramirez, Research Associate, Homepage 
  • Mark Risse, Director, Georgia Sea Grant, Homepage
  • Morgen Ayers, Natural Resources Specialist, Homepage
  • Susan White, Executive Director, North Carolina Sea Grant, Homepage
  • Spencer Rogers, Coastal Construction and Erosion Specialist, Homepage
  • Victor Blanco, Marine Extension Agent, Florida Sea Grant – UF/IFAS Extension, Homepage


  • Debra Hernandez, Executive Director, Homepage

South Florida Defense Alliance

  • Steven C Williamson, President, Homepage

Stanford University

  • Gitanjali Bhattacharjee, Ph.D. Candidate, Homepage
  • Kuanshi Zhong, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Homepage

State of Florida Department of Environmental Protection

  • Hanna Tillotson, Environmental Administrator, Beach Management Funding Program, Homepage
  • Ralph Clark, Coastal Engineer, Homepage

State of Georgia Department of natural resources

  • Fred Hay, Sapelo Island Research Manager, Homepage

State of Maryland, DNR

  • Robert Newton, Resource planner, Homepage

Stevens Institute of Technology

  • Jon Miller, Research Associate Professor, Homepage
  • Laura Kerr, Research Coastal Engineer, Stevens Institute of Technology, Homepage 

tempo Quest, inc

  • Gene Pache, Founder / CEO, Homepage  


  • Tony Pooley, Sustainability & Resiliency Development, Homepage  

Texas a&m University

  • James Kaihatu, Professor, Homepage  
  • Jens Figlus, Associate Professor, Homepage  

Texas Tech University

  • Aaron Dubrow, Marketing manager, Texas Advanced Computing Center, Homepage  
  • Abdullahi Salman, Assistant Professor, Homepage   
  • Brian Hirth, Research Faculty, Homepage
  • John Schroeder, Professor, Homepage

the University of Alabama-Huntsville

  • Abdullahi Salman, Assistant Professor, Homepage
  • Babak Salarieh, PhD student, Homepage  
  • Kevin Knupp, Professor, University of Alabama-Huntsville, Homepage
  • Susan Jasko, Associate Director, Homepage

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • Katherine Anarde, Assistant Professor, Homepage

The University of Texas at Austin

The Weather Channel

  • Jim Cantore, Meteorologist, Homepage
  • Matthew Sitkowski, Science Editor In Chief, Homepage

UGA-Skidaway Institute of Oceanography

University at Buffalo

  • Haifeng Wang, Research Assistant, Homepage
  • Reda Snaiki, Ph.D. Student, Homepage

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Delaware

  • Anner Paldor, Postdoctoral Researcher, Homepage  
  • A.R. Siders, Assistant Professor, Homepage  
  • Art Trembanis, Professor, Homepage  
  • Holly Michael, Professor, Homepage
  • Kaitlyn McPherran, Ph.D. Student, Homepage
  • Maria Pontiki, Ph.D. Candidate, Homepage
  • Monique Head, Associate Professor, Homepage  

University of Florida

University of hawaii

  • Harrison Togia, Ph.D. Graduate Research Assistant, Homepage   
  • Ian Robertson, Professor and Chair, Homepage
  • Oceana Francis, Associate Professor, Homepage

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

University of Iowa

  • Corey Markfort, Assistant Professor, Homepage

University of Georgia

  • Matthew Bilskie, Assistant Professor, Homepage
  • Viyaktha Hithaishi Hewageegana, PostDoctoral Research Associate, Homepage

University of Houston – Clear Lake

  • Michael LaMontagne, Assistant Professor, Homepage

University of maryland

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

  • Pedro I. Matos Llavona, Ph.D. Student, Homepage    

University of Miami

University of Michigan

  • Jeremy Bricker, Associate Professor, Homepage

University of nebraska-lincoln

  • Mohammad Ebrahim Mohammadi, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Homepage   
  • Richard Wood, Associate Professor, Homepage

university of new Hampshire

  • Kathy Mandsager, Program Administrator, Coastal Response Research Center, Homepage
  • Nancy Kinner, Professor and Co-Director, Coastal Response Research Center, Homepage

University of North Carolina wilmington

  • Mariko Polk, Ph.D. student, Homepage
  • Ryan Mieras, Assistant Professor, Homepage

University of Notre Dame

University of Oklahoma

University of south alabama

University of southern california

  • Maile McCann, Ph.D. Student, Homepage   
  • Patrick J Lynett, Professor, Homepage 

University of Texas at Arlington

  • Zhen Cong, Associate Professor, Homepage

University of the virgin islands 

  • Greg Guannel, Director, Caribbean Green Technology Center, Homepage 

University of washington

  • Jeffrey Berman, Professor,  Homepage
  • Joseph Wartman, Director, Homepage
  • Melissa Moulton, Research Scientist/Engineer, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Homepage
  • Michael Motley, Associate Professor, Homepage

US Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research and Development Center

  • Jane Smith, Senior Research Scientist, Homepage


  • James F. Kjelgaard, State Conservation Engineer, Homepage

U.s. Environmental Protection Agency

  • Rick Durbrow, Sustainability Advisor, Homepage

U.S. Geological survey (USGS)

  • Jenna Brown, Research Oceanographer, Homepage
  • Robert Mason. Extreme Hydrologic Events Coordinator and Senior Science Advisor for Surface Water, Homepage

Verizon Crisis Response Team

  • Calvin Jackson, Response Manager, Homepage  
  • Jason Mitchell, Senior Manager, Homepage
  • John Szejda, Manager, Homepage

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

  • Harrison Jaehn, Undergraduate Researcher, Homepage 
  • Jennifer Irish, Professor, Associate Director Center for Coastal Studies, CoPI NHERI RAPID Facility, Homepage 
  • Nina Stark, Associate Professor, Homepage   
  • William Chilton, Graduate Research Assistant, Homepage


  • Marty Bell, Director, Research and Modeling, Homepage
  • Tony McGee, Meteorologist, Homepage

Western Michigan University

  • Bilal Alhawamdeh, Research Associate, Homepage
  • Brian Montgomery, Director Construction Research, Homepage
  • Hezha Lutfalla Sadraddin, PhD Student, Homepage  

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI)

  • Britt Raubenheimer, Senior Scientist, Homepage
  • Jeffrey Coogan, Postdoctoral Investigator, Homepage
  • Rachel Housego, Ph.D. Student, Homepage
  • Steve Elgar, Senior Scientist, Homepage

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