Academic Components

Academic Components


The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering is committed to providing accessible, consistent, and accurate academic advising to all students regardless of major. Our professional advisors and college life coaches are continually developing new strategies that contribute to the success of our Gator Engineers and the UF community.

Gator Engineering at Santa Fe students will have a Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering (HWCOE) academic advisor as well as a Santa Fe College (SF) academic advisor dedicated to their needs. The SF academic advisor is housed in the UF@SF Center and the HWCOE academic advisor has a presence on both the University of Florida (UF) and SF campuses. Students will also have access to the HWCOE Center for Student Excellence which is home to award winning first year advisors and career coaches for the college. All of these advisors will play a large role in offering academic guidance. They are knowledgeable, highly trained, and serve as an important resource for finding internships and leadership opportunities. From the beginning, soon after confirmation, students are in touch with the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe advising team to begin planning their course plans and to ensure that they are prepared for the upcoming fall semester. Students are encouraged to get a head start by enrolling in courses during the summer B semester, if desired!

Enrollment and Participation

During the first fall semester, all Gator Engineering at Santa Fe students are SF students taking SF courses.

Contingent upon meeting the critical tracking course requirements for the program, students are admitted to UF after the first fall semester. The critical tracking course requirements for the program are a 2.0 cumulative GPA, a 2.5 critical tracking GPA, and a minimum grade of C or better in all critical tracking courses based on a maximum of two attempts including withdrawals. GPAs are calculated based on the UF grading scale. The critical tracking courses for each major can be found in the current UF Undergraduate Catalog.

Students who do not meet the minimum critical tracking course requirements at the end of the first fall semester remain as SF students and are closely guided by their academic advisor to ensure proper registration and use of available academic resources. Students remain a part of the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe program and are re-evaluated at the end of the following spring semester.

During the first spring semester, all students in the program will take the UF Engineering Design and Programming course taught at SF by a UF faculty member in the newly renovated and redesigned Gator Engineering Design Den. This course provides opportunities for students to not only learn fundamentals of engineering design and programming, but, more importantly, to actually design, build, and test, to be introduced to their chosen fields of engineering study, and to have fun! Once students begin taking both UF and SF courses, they will have a bill for tuition and fees from both schools. Students will pay SF tuition and fees for SF courses and UF tuition and fees for UF courses.


All Gator Engineering at Santa Fe students are required to complete the A.A. degree. Most students complete all A.A. degree requirements while at UF, and the credits earned at UF towards this degree are reverse transferred to SF for degree completion and certification.

UF Resources

Students in the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe program have access to UF student resources, and are encouraged to participate in activities linking them to prospective employers and internship opportunities, research opportunities at UF, and study abroad opportunities.