Prospective Students

Prospective Students

The Gator Engineering at Santa Fe program, a collaboration between the University of Florida (UF), the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, and Santa Fe College, is an innovative B.S. engineering degree program. This program allows a cohort of students to begin their coursework at Santa Fe College, gain admission to UF as early as their first spring semester, continue coursework at Santa Fe for two more semesters (or until completion of all math and science critical tracking courses), and then matriculate to UF campus to complete their courses in their major.

Degree programs participating in the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe program:

Students are evaluated for this program after first being considered for freshman admission to UF. Only students who have applied through the freshman admissions process and who have met the freshman application deadline of November 1st are considered for invitation to this program. Students must declare one of the participating degree programs as their intended major to be considered for the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe program.

Why Gator Engineering at Santa Fe?

Gator Engineering at Santa Fe program students have unique experiences that closely bond them to each other, to the UF campus, and to their chosen field of study, even during their first semester before admission to the University of Florida. Participating in this program is a badge of honor visible to the surrounding UF community and to our Gator Engineering external partners, including employers and alumni.

Advantages for students participating in Gator Engineering at Santa Fe include:

  • A close connection to the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering
  • A supportive cohort of fellow students in the program
  • Smaller class sizes
  • Access to advisors from both Santa Fe and UF 
  • Exposure to potential employers and engineering faculty through information sessions and seminars
  • Opportunities to apply for and pursue undergraduate research through interaction with engineering faculty 
  • An engineering design and programming class developed for Gator Engineering at Santa Fe and taught by a UF engineering faculty member
  • Access to many UF services once admitted as a UF student, as early as after the first fall term
  • Access to the UF@SF Center, a hub for UF on the Santa Fe campus
  • Participation in Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering events, such as the Engineering New Student Welcome
  • Participation in many of the UF student organizations, once admitted to UF

To learn about even more opportunities available to Gator Engineering at Santa Fe students, visit our links on Undergraduate Research, Study Abroad, Internships, and Student Organization Activities.

Who can I contact for additional information?

As you are starting to think about applying to colleges and universities, it is essential that you gather as much information as possible so that you can make an informed decision. For additional information about Gator Engineering at Santa Fe, explore our website, read our Frequently Asked Questions section, and feel free to contact our program coordinator.

Curtis R. Taylor, Ph.D.Curtis R. Taylor, Ph.D.

Associate Dean for Student Affairs Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Sophie Spratley, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Partnership Programs

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