Changing Major

It is unlikely that the CHANGE MAJOR will be used often in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. Students who have demonstrated ability can be admitted directly to their desired program of study.

Tracking Guidelines

  • Students are expected to graduate in eight Fall/Spring semesters (longer for engineering).
  • Exceptions to the eight semester timeline to graduate can be made for study abroad and internships taken during the regular academic year.
  • Time at UF is counted in semesters rather than credit hours, so that accelerated credit brought in by freshman will not count as excess hours.
  • Students wishing to change majors may do so freely through the third semester at UF if there is a realistic expectation of success in the new major. After the third semester, approval depends on length of time to complete.
  • When students who have completed three regular semesters are OFF track more than twice (and have not met tracking criteria for a new major), colleges should allow students to change majors by putting the CHANGE status and on probation for the next semester. No more than one semester of probation will be provided. Courtesy registrations in the former major will no longer be allowed.
  • Tracking criteria are defined as those courses that will provide the most realistic indication of success in the major. From time to time the college should examine their tracking criteria to make sure they continue to be an effective measure of predicted success.

Change Major Guidelines

  • All undergraduate students are expected to graduate within 8 semesters at UF (4 fall + 4 spring; you may also enroll in summers if needed).
  • CHANGE MAJOR indicates that you have NOT been admitted to the desired major, but that you have been allowed one term of probation to demonstrate your ability to successfully complete the required tracking courses.
  • Talk with your advisor and be sure that you thoroughly understand which tracking courses you must complete and the grades required during the next semester for when you are classified a CHANGE MAJOR.
  • Using Student Self Service, review the Universal Tracking audit for the desired major to ensure that you thoroughly understand what is required of you.
  • If you successfully complete the necessary tracking requirements while classified in CHANGE MAJOR, you will then be admitted to the desired major at the end of the semester. you cannot advance register while classified as a CHANGE MAJOR.
  • If you are admitted to the desired major after a semester as a CHANGE MAJOR, you will register during regular registration at the beginning of the semester.
  • You can be a CHANGE MAJOR only one semester prior to completing your undergraduate degree.