2019 Spring Recognition Ceremony Student Speaker Application

  • Prospective Students
  • New Students
  • Current Students
  • STAR Office
  • Graduating Students
  • International Engineering
  • State College Partnerships
  • Awards and Scholarships
    • Applicant Information

      Application Deadline: Monday, March 25, 2019 by 5PM (Open to graduating students only.)
      The committee considers the draft of your speech to be the most important factor in awarding this honor. The ability to articulate ideas in a concise manner, uniqueness of content, passion, and overall quality are heavily considered. The committee is in search of a student who has "something to say" to their fellow Engineering graduates and who is comfortable speaking in front of large groups. Your speech will be a reflection of your experiences here at UF and will be approximately three minutes long.
    • Bio and Resume

    • A one-paragraph autobiographical summary of no more then 220 words. Your submission will serve as the basis for the description included in the Recognition Ceremony program.
    • Denote level of award (international, national, state, local, etc).
    • Include the topic of your research projects, supervisor, and accomplishments. **This applies for undergraduates only, please type N/A for graduate students.**
    • Explain with whom you worked, duration of the internship, duties, and accomplishments.
    • List dates, service provided, and organization involved. Please be as specific as possible.
    • List location of target population served, dates, service provided, and organization involved. Please be as specific as possible.
    • In 1,000 words or less, submit a rough draft of your planned three-minute speech.
    • Confirm & Submit

      If I am selected as a Gator Engineering Student Speaker this semester, I authorize the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering to release any of the above information I have provided to the public in any manner it shall choose. I consider this information I have provided as not protected under privacy regulations.