HWCOE Korean Scholastic Excellence Fund

HWCOE Korean Scholastic Excellence Fund

KOREAN Scholastic Excellence Fund 

The Chun Korean Scholastic Excellence Fund was established with the goal each year to recognize the best research efforts by a Korean graduate students at UF with a certificate and award for $500. This is the only award that focuses specifically on the achievements of Korean graduate students, and it has been made possible by the generous contributions of the University of Florida alumni, matching funds from the New York Times and the donations of some friends in Korea.


All applicants from any college must have at least four publications in reputable journals and be senior author on at least two. All papers must be related to research work done while pursuing a PhD degree at the University of Florida.

Additional requirements are a letter of recommendation from your advisor, along with a brief summary of your thesis research, a short personal CV and reprints. Summary of thesis research work should include candidate’s previous work on the project, current approach to the problem and significance of the research. Limit this summary to one page.

Please use this form to apply for the HWCOE Korean Scholastic Excellence Fund. Previous award recipients are not eligible to apply. 


To upload the letter of recommendation, there are 2 ways:

  • You may have your advisor email you the letter and you can upload it together with your form.
  • If your advisor prefers to do it confidentially, please click “Save and continue later” at the end of the form. You will be taken to a page with a unique link to return to your form. Please copy this link and send it to your advisor. He/She may then log in with your email address to access the application form and upload the letter of recommendation. When that is done, your advisor should submit the form.