Engineering exchange students are required to take at least 75% of their courses at UF within the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, unless otherwise stated in their exchange agreement or approved by the IEP Coordinator.

Schedule of Courses

This page contains all courses offered by the University of Florida. Engineering exchange students are permitted to take classes from the following academic units:

Courses offered by the Department of Prefix
Agricultural and Biological Engineering ABE
Biomedical Engineering BME
Computer and Information Science and Engineering CAP, CDA, CEN, CGS, CGN, CIS, CNT, COP, COT
Civil and Coastal Engineering CCE, CEG, CES, CWR, OCE, TTE
Chemical Engineering CHM, COT, ECH
Electrical and Computer Engineering EEE, EEL
Engineering – General EGN
Environmental Engineering Sciences EES, ENV
Industrial and Systems Engineering EIN, ESI, COP
Materials Science and Engineering EMA
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering EAS, EGM, EGN, EML
Nuclear Engineering ENU

Specific course schedules for incoming exchange students are released in April (Fall semester) and October (Spring semester).

Credit Hours

Undergraduate exchange students must take a minimum of 12 credit hours and can take up to 18 credit hours. The average course load at UF is 12-16 credit hours. Credit hours represent the amount of hours spent in class each week. Students should expect to spend an average of 1-2 hours outside the classroom for every credit hour enrolled.

Course Registration

Exchange students are NOT able to register themselves for courses which have a pre-requisite. To be registered, students must complete all application requirements and submit an online course request form. Students are encouraged to submit their course request and complete application requirements as early as possible so they can get their top choices as seats are not guaranteed.

Course Request Form

Engineering exchange students wishing to take engineering courses should complete the online engineering course request form as early as possible.

Add/Drop Period

Students can modify their schedule during the first week of classes. This provides students with the opportunity to meet the instructor and review the syllabus. Classes can be added through the end of the first week, depending on seat availability.

It is crucial to attend all classes that you intend to take during the first week of classes even if you are not officially registered.

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