Summer Programs

Summer programs are a great way for you to experience life in another culture without disruption to your academic plans. These short courses are available to students from many disciplines and all over the world. Summer programs are a fun way to gain an international experience while learning new skills, and making new friends!

UF Exchange Programs

Program Dates Country Courses Application deadline
International Summer Exchange Program
June 22 – Aug 15 Hong Kong Physics 2, Engineering Statistics, Computing 2/15/2018
University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute May 16 – Aug 12 China Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, General Engineering  2/15/2018
Comillas Madrid Summer Program May 23 – July 11 Spain Spanish Culture, Basic/Intermediate Spanish Language, Research Project, Introduction to Sustainable Engineering Principles, Internet of Things
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UF Sponsored Programs – Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering

Program Dates Country Courses Application deadline
UF in Haifa: Engineering Entrepreneurship and Internship  Summer C Israel EGN 4641 Engineering Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
EGN 4949 Engineering Internship (3 credits)
in Osnabruck – Sustainability and Innovation in Engineering and Planning
Summer A Germany 3D Additive Manufacturing/ 3D Modelling and Printing (3 cr);
Special Topics in Engineering and Planning (3 cr)
UF in Brazil – Sustainable Engineering Summer A Brazil CGN 3510 Sustainable Engineering (3 cr); EGN 4932 Service Learning (1 cr) 3/15/2018
UF in Chengdu: Computer Science Summer A China CDA 3101 Intro to Computer Organization; CIS 4956 Special Topics 3/15/2018
UF in Berlin – Precision Engineering Measurement & Design  Summer C Germany EGN 4932 Precision Engineering Measurement & Design (4 cr) 3/15/2018

Non-UF Programs*

Program Dates Country Courses Application deadline
IPL International Summer
June 9 – July 13 France Chemical Engineering and AnalysisEnergy Conversion (approved as ENU4930 – 3 credits); Agronomy and Agriculture; Polymer and Materials

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University of Applied Sciences – Engineering for Sustainability
July 2 – Aug 3 Germany Smart Vehicles, Internal Combustion Engines, Smart Environments, Gas Turbines, Hydraulic & Pneumatic Systems, Sustainable Entrepreneurship. (3 credits each – Choose 2) 3/15/2018
HAWtech Summer School  July Germany Automotive engineering 3/31/2018
Summer Program & Internship
July 11 – Aug 8 Israel Internship, Entrepreneurship 5/1/2018
Nanyang Technological University Summer School  July 4 – July 29 Singapore New Technologies, New World – 3D Printing; Bioprinting; Introduction to Energy; Cybersecurity

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KAIST Summer School July 1 – July 29 South Korea Nano-Biomaterials, Nanofabrication Technology, Aerospace Thermodynamics, Engineering Mathematics, Basic Korean (Select up to 2 courses); Individual Research Program 4/30/2018
University Summer School
July 1 – July 31 South Korea Introduction to Computer Science, Project Management, Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Numerical Analysis, Physics 1, Physics 2, Global Ethics

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Cardiff University July United Kingdom Alternative Energy Systems, Electronic Engineering, Sustainable Civil Engineering, Diversity of Catalysis TBA
Leeds International Summer School July 2 – July 31 United Kingdom Introduction to Robotics and Autonomous Systems; Entrepreneurship; Smartphone Applications (Select 2 courses)

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*Please note: Students must complete a UFIC application. If you wish to apply for this program, please contact the appropriate UFIC study abroad advisor:


To find out more about summer programs, make an appointment now to meet with the study abroad advisor  in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering!