First-Year Science and Engineering in Valencia

First-Year Science and Engineering in Valencia

First-Year Science and Engineering students now have the opportunity to participate in a new UF study abroad program in Valencia, Spain. Students will spend a semester in sunny, beautiful Spain taking critical tracking classes in science and math while being immersed in the local culture and learning Spanish language.

Student can take classes in English at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) and have the unique opportunity to experience academics at a prestigious Spanish institution. This program focuses on developing student’s technical skills in an international environment. Courses are taught by faculty at the Universitat Politècnica de València so students have the opportunity to learn from international faculty.

Students will stay with local host families for a unique home stay experience and participate in local cultural activities with students from all over the world.

Student Experiences

Taha Khan, Biomedical Engineering

Study abroad is often considered a very limited option for engineering students. The myth is that students have to delay their graduation or to use their summer to travel and experience a new culture and engineering from a different perspective. That can often be challenging as engineering majors already have a strenuous workload and structured schedule.

UF Engineering Freshmen in Valencia

As a freshman, I had a very similar opinion about study abroad as well. But through the International Engineering Program and this program, I was able to study abroad in Valencia for a semester and took General Chemistry 2, Biology 1, and Calculus 2, as well as Spanish language courses. Taking these classes abroad allowed me to stay on track for my degree while giving me the chance to travel and immerse in a different culture.


Classes available for Spring*

*Subject to change from year to year and depending on student enrollment

  • PHY 2048 Physics for Scientists and Engineers 1
  • PHY 2048L Physics 1 Lab
  • MAC 2312 Calculus 2 
  • MAC 2313 Calculus 3
  • EML 3100 Thermodynamics
  • Spanish Culture
  • Spanish Language (various levels)
  • Students can also take 1 UF class offered online

Financial Aid

Students can use Bright Futures, Prepaid Plans, and other financial aid towards this program. In addition, UF students will receive a $500 grant from ISA towards this program.

Students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits while abroad to be a full-time student and to receive financial aid.

Application and Application Deadline

Students should apply directly to ISA Studies Abroad and complete a UF application.  

Application Deadline: TBD

For more information, contact:

Ping Neo, Director, International Engineering Programs
Tel: (352) 294-7926
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