Gator Engineering at Santa Fe FAQs

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I want to become part of the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe Program! What do I do now?

To accept your invitation to the program and to reserve your spot, go to the confirmation page on our website.

What makes this program special?

This program is the first of its kind in the region – it is a result of a collaboration between the University of Florida, the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, and Santa Fe College. This program allows a cohort of students to take their critical tracking courses at Santa Fe, with smaller class sizes and more personal attention, while pursuing a UF Engineering degree.

What extra opportunities will I be given?

Gator Engineering at Santa Fe students will be given specific programming and opportunities only afforded to those participating in the program. This may include undergraduate research, specialized programming, early connections with UF faculty, participation in an Engineering Design course and specialized one-on-one advising from both Santa Fe and UF!

Will there be information sessions?

Yes! There will be information sessions on February 23, March 2 and March 16. Reserve your spot in an information session here.

How is this program different from a student transferring from a two-year college?

Students are invited to participate in the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe Program in response to their application to the University of Florida for freshman admission. Students in Gator Engineering at Santa Fe will enroll as Santa Fe College students during the first fall semester and will be admitted into the University of Florida based upon meeting specific GPA and critical tracking course requirements as set by the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering. After the first fall semester, students will continue taking courses at Santa Fe, but they are actually University of Florida students.  This is unlike a traditional transfer program wherein students are required to apply and are admitted based on meeting the pre-requisites and only if there is space in their desired major. Traditional transfer students are not guaranteed admission.

What are the critical tracking course requirements and policies for this program?

The critical tracking course requirements and policies for the program are a 2.0 cumulative GPA, a 2.5 critical tracking GPA, and a minimum grade of C or better in all critical tracking courses based on a maximum of two attempts including withdrawals. GPAs are calculated based on the UF grading scale. For example, a student must take at least one critical tracking course during the first fall semester and earn a 2.5 grade point average in the critical tracking course(s) in order to be admitted to UF for the following spring semester. The critical courses for each major can be found in the UF Undergraduate Catalog.

So, am I a UF student or a Santa Fe student?

You will be considered a Santa Fe student during your first fall semester of study. Students who meet the critical tracking course requirements during that semester will become a UF student in their second semester of study. If critical tracking course requirements are not met after the first fall semester, those students will be reevaluated at the end of the spring semester; UF admission will be granted based on adequate progress through critical tracking courses.

If I accept my invitation into this program, why am I not considered a UF student during my first semester?

This program was developed in recognition of the fact that UF is forced to turn away many hard working, and obviously gifted, pre-engineering freshman applicants each year due to space restrictions. This program gives select students the chance to take their critical tracking courses at Santa Fe, in a smaller class setting with more one-on-one attention and the opportunity to be UF admitted as soon as their first spring semester based on their performance in those courses. Due to the student’s admission to UF being based on their first fall semester performance, they are unable to be considered a UF student during their first semester.

Do I have to complete a separate application to Santa Fe College?

No. When you confirm your participation in the program, you will submit a consent form giving the University of Florida permission to share your application data with Santa Fe College. This will serve as your application to Santa Fe College.

Will I have to reapply to UF?

As long as you successfully complete the critical tracking course requirements, you will be admitted to UF without having to reapply. However, if you do not remain in the program but you still wish to pursue a degree at UF, you will have to reapply to UF as a transfer student once you complete the traditional transfer requirements at Santa Fe.

Will the courses count for both Santa Fe College and UF?

Yes! Pending successful completion of critical tracking courses,the courses taken at Santa Fe will be applied to your UF degree.  The courses taken at UF will be shared with Santa Fe College so that you will be awarded your A.A. degree from Santa Fe College.

Do I have to get an A.A.?

Yes. Upon completion of the requirements for the Associate’s degree, you will earn an A.A. degree from Santa Fe College.

Can I move through the program quicker than the proposed course outline?

Absolutely. Students in tracks that do not have a summer semester built in can opt to take courses during the summer semester in order to move faster through the program. Students may also have the opportunity to begin courses before the first fall semester.

Where will I go for advising?

The College of Engineering Undergraduate Student Affairs office has a dedicated staff member who will be available for advising Gator Engineering at Santa Fe students and will be present on both Santa Fe’s campus as well as UF’s campus. The Gator Engineering at Santa Fe Center, also known as the Gator Den, will be available for students participating in this program.

Besides the Engineering Design and Programming course, can I take any other UF courses while I am still a student at Santa Fe College?

After your first semester, you will take one UF class selected for you during the spring and fall semesters. During your first spring semester at Santa Fe, you will enroll in UF’s Engineering Design and Programming class.  During your second fall semester you will enroll in UF’s ENC 3246 – Professional Communications for Engineers.  With the approval of your advisor and contingent on your critical tracking progress, you may be able to take other UF courses.

What about financial aid?

You will need to either submit or adjust your FAFSA to include both the University of Florida AND Santa Fe College. The FAFSA code for Santa Fe is 001519, and the FAFSA code for UF is 001535. By adding Santa Fe College to your FAFSA, this will trigger a notification to you that you need to apply to Santa Fe. Please ignore this notification! Your confirmation of participation in this program will serve as your application to Santa Fe and multiple applications can cause a delay in processing.

Is there any scholarship funding available for me?

Yes. Once admitted to UF, students are eligible to apply to the College of Engineering Undergraduate Scholarship Program.

Can I live on UF campus?

You are not eligible for UF housing until you are considered a UF student, usually around the second semester after successful completion of all mandatory courses. There are several off campus options for students seeking housing. Santa Fe College has a website with available resources:

What happens if I don’t meet the critical tracking course requirements during the first semester?

If you do not meet the critical tracking course requirements, you will be placed on probation and will remain a Santa Fe student during the first spring term. If at the end of the spring term you remove yourself from probation, you will then be admitted as a UF student. If you are not able to remove yourself from probation by the end of the second fall semester, you will have the option to complete you’re A.A. degree and apply to UF as a traditional transfer student.

What happens if I want to change to a different Engineering major?

If you decide that you want to pursue a different Engineering major offered within the program, you may do so. If this happens while taking classes at Santa Fe, you must notify the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe academic advisor as well as the program coordinator. If you decide to pursue an Engineering major not offered within the program, you must leave the program and pursue courses at Santa Fe or elsewhere with the intention of applying to UF through the traditional transfer admissions process. If you wish to change to a different Engineering major after you have been admitted to UF, you must consult with your intended major to determine their admissions policies as it is at the department’s discretion, some majors will allow it and some won’t. It is extremely important that you discuss these decisions with your advisor and the program coordinator prior to making any changes to your program of study.

What happens if I decide that Engineering isn’t for me?

If you decide that Engineering isn’t for you while you are taking classes at Santa Fe, you can switch into any of the other degree programs that Santa Fe offers. However, this will eliminate your admission to UF through the Gator Engineering at Santa Fe Program, and you must go through the traditional transfer application route for your program of choice.

Can I take classes at home during the summer?

Yes! Students can take classes at their home institution during the summer semester.

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