EGSC Mental Health Workshops with CWC & GatorWell

The COVID 19 pandemic has caused mental health challenges in an unprecedented scale. According to CDC, in a survey conducted in adults above the age of 18, more than 40% of the respondents reported one or more mental health issues. The Engineering Graduate Student Council (EGSC) recognizes the challenges of the present situation, especially on mental health and well-being, to engineering graduate students. EGSC sent out a survey earlier last fall to understand what wellness topics are most relevant to our graduate students. Based on our responses, we have selected a few topics which most students wanted to be addressed in this mental health workshop series. EGSC is collaborating with the Counseling and Wellness Center (CWC) and GatorWell to bring relevant workshops and webinars directly to engineering graduate students this spring. Look out for our monthly workshops. We do have some cool Gator swag and merch for students who attend all the seminars in this series.

Zoom Link:

Feb 17, 2021 Wednesday – 3:00 PM Time Management presented by Gator Well.