Primary Faculty - Department Leadership

Primary Faculty - Department Leadership

Photo of Ashish Aggarwal MS Ashish Aggarwal, MS Instructional Associate Professor

Learning Analytics; Formative Learning Technologies; Scalable Cognition; CS Education; AI-Ethics

Photo of Diego Alvarado ME Diego Alvarado, ME Instructional Assistant Professor

Video Length; Streaming Video; Active Video Learning; AI Education; Flipped Classroom

Photo of Amie Baisley PhD Amie Baisley, PhD Thomas O. Hunter Instructional Assistant Professor

persistence; mastery based grading; faculty evaluations

Photo of Jeremiah Blanchard PhD Jeremiah Blanchard, PhD Instructional Associate Professor (Computer Engineering Director)

Computing education; CS education; Computer languages; CS assessments; Dual-modality Representation

Photo of Kwansun Cho MS Kwansun Cho, MS Instructional Assistant Professor

Personalized student-centered flipped teaching learning

Photo of Laura Cruz Castro PhD Laura Cruz Castro, PhD Instructional Assistant Professor

Learning Analytics; Data Science; Computational Thinking; Self-regulated learning

Photo of Pamela Dickrell PhD Pamela Dickrell, PhD Associate Dean for Student Affairs & Instructional Professor

first-year students; design; makerspace education; peer mentoring; student identity

Photo of Andrea Goncher PhD Andrea Goncher, PhD Instructional Assistant Professor

Design and systems thinking; humanitarian engineering; natural language processing; text analytics

Photo of Rui Guo PhD Rui Guo, PhD Instructional Assistant Professor

Engineering Education; Sustainable Transportation

Photo of Philip Jackson PhD Philip Jackson, PhD Instructional Associate Professor

Game-based learning; First-year design; Magnetohydrodynamic simulation; 3D-printing

Photo of Sarah Jayasekaran PhD Sarah Jayasekaran, PhD Instructional Assistant Professor

Curriculum development; Student retention; Diversity; Smart cities

Photo of Amanpreet Kapoor MS Amanpreet Kapoor, MS Instructional Assistant Professor

Computing education; Employment; Identity; Informal learning

Photo of Gloria Kim PhD Gloria Kim, PhD Assistant Professor

Convergence in engineering education; Global engineering education; Social and ethical issues in STEM research and teaching

Photo of Edward Latorre-Navarro PhD Edward Latorre-Navarro, PhD Associate Engineer (IPPD Director)

Co-teaching; Class engagement; Leadership skills; Mobile learning; Language processing

Photo of Angela Lindner PhD Angela Lindner, PhD Associate Professor
Photo of Edwin Marte PhD Edwin Marte, PhD Instructional Assistant Professor
Photo of John Mendoza-Garcia PhD John Mendoza-Garcia, PhD Graduate Coordinator & Instructional Associate Professor

Systems-thinking; Design-thinking; Problem-solving; Phenomenography; Variation Theory

Photo of Cheryl Resch MS Cheryl Resch, MS Instructional Assistant Professor

computer science education; cybersecurity education

Photo of Sindia Rivera-Jiménez PhD Sindia Rivera-Jiménez, PhD Assistant Professor

Professional Development; Agency in Communities; Transformational Change; Collaboration and Inclusion in Teams.

Photo of Kimberly Stubbs MS Kimberly Stubbs, MS Instructional Assistant Professor

Kimberly Stubbs is currently an Instructional Assistant Professor in the Department of Engineering Education within the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering at the University of Florida. She is working on her Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from UF. Prior to this, she collected both a master’s and bachelor’s degree from UF in mechanical engineering while also earning an associate of arts degree from St.…

Photo of Curtis Taylor PhD Curtis Taylor, PhD Associate Professor
Photo of Hans van Oostrom PhD Hans van Oostrom, PhD Founding Chair and Associate Professor

Dr. van Oostrom earned his M.S., and Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. Starting in 1998 he helped build the UF BME graduate program and served as the graduate coordinator for 7 years and as the associate chair. He led the development of the BME undergraduate program, which admitted its first students in 2012 and served as the undergraduate coordinator for the first 2 years.…

Photo of Idalis Villanueva Alarcón PhD Idalis Villanueva Alarcón, PhD Associate Chair and Associate Professor

Hidden Curriculum; Mentoring; Convergence/Multi-Modal; Emotions; Latinx Issues in Engineering;

Photo of Lilianny Virguez PhD Lilianny Virguez, PhD Associate Chair for Academics & Instructional Associate Professor

Non-cognitive skills and engineering students’ success; Motivation to persist in engineering; Mindfulness in Higher Education

Photo of Jeremy Magruder Waisome PhD Jeremy Magruder Waisome, PhD Thomas O. Hunter Rising Star Assistant Professor

Mentoring; Self-efficacy; Engineering problem solving; Narrative methodologies