Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Vision, Mission, and Core Values


Transforming Engineering Education to create the national and international leaders and problem solvers of tomorrow.


Our department fosters a dynamic, integrated, and innovative culture driven by its core values of collaboration, learner-centeredness, experiential engagement, and an unwavering commitment towards human-centered impact.   

Core Values

Human-Centered Impact

Increase awareness of the role engineering plays in society and its people.    

Experiential Engagement

Promote real-world, engaging, hands-on experiences that foster entrepreneurship and innovation. 

Learner Centeredness

Implement evidence-based scholarship for teaching and impact across the learner lifespan.   

Inter- and Multi-Disciplinary Collaboration

Span multiple disciplines and skillsets to enhance and support all areas of research, teaching, and service. 


Facilitate learners’ decisions and actions related to their learning. 

Community and Culture

Value all perspectives and backgrounds to form a culture of inclusion and respect.