Gator100 recognizes UF engineers

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The Gator100 Awards Gala was held on campus today. Congratulations to our talented alums (and faculty) who made the list for leading one of the world’s “Fastest Growing Gator Companies:”

#3 LeadingAgile @LeadingAgile

Michael Cottmeyer, 1993 B.S., Computer Engineering

Michael Cottmeyer has served as the CEO of LeadingAgile since founding the company in 2010. LeadingAgile specializes in pragmatically leading companies through transition patterns and intermediate states and been ranked #322 on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies in America.

#6 Fracture @Fractureme

Alex Theodore, 2008 B.S., Chemical Engineering

Alex Theodore is the co-founder and CTO of Fracture, an e-commerce and manufacturing startup that disrupts the traditional photo printing industry.

#37 Wantman Group, Inc. @WGI

David Wantman, 1989 B.S., Civil Engineering

David Wantman is president of Wantman Group, Inc., a consulting firm that provides a range of infrastructure services. Wantman Group was ranked #55 on the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s 2015 Florida Fast 100 List, and ranked #70 by the South Florida Business Journal in its 2015 Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies.

#40 Sharklet Technologies @SharkletTech

Dr. Anthony Brennan, Margaret A. Ross Endowed Professor in Materials Science & Engineering and Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Dr. Anthony Brennan is founder and CTO of Sharklet Technologies, a company that develops surface technologies that are designed to address microorganism growth and make healthier, safer and cleaner environments.

#41 JAX Refrigeration @JaxRefMech

Mark Lowery, 1990 B.S., Mechanical Engineering

Mark Lowery is the president and founder of JAX Refrigeration, which offers creative, professional solutions for industrial and commercial projects as well as system maintenance. Since opening its doors in 2010, JAX Refrigeration has grown to over 70 employees and doubled its office space.

#56 Gator Dredging @Gator_Dredging

John B. Adams, 1993 B.S., Environmental Engineering Sciences

John Adams is the CFO and Director of Engineering for Gator Dredging, which completes dredging projects in an efficient, environmentally friendly way.

#60 Urban Partners Construction

Ronnie Leinwohl, 1995 B.S., Civil Engineering & 1997 M.S., Civil Engineering

Ronnie Leinwohl is executive vice president and managing partner of Urban Partners Construction, a innovative architecture firm with sound design principles and sensitivity to the environment and the people it affects.

#62 Rhythm Engineering @RhythmTraffic

Dr. Rajeev (Reggie) Chandra, 1993 M.E., Traffic Engineering

Dr. Chandra is the CEO of Rhythm Engineering, a company that works with municipal, county and state transportation agencies to make personalized, adaptive, traffic control systems for each client.

#75 e-Builder @ebuilder

Ron Antevy, 1991 B.S., Civil Engineering

Ron Antevy is president and CEO of e-Builder, Inc., a company that provides personalized construction management software to facility owners and construction professionals.

#93 Power Grid Engineering

Michael Wright, 1998 B.S., Electrical Engineering

Michael Wright is the president of Power Grid Engineering, which has been dedicated to engineering design and consultation for the power systems industry since its inception in 2007.

#97 Hydro-Dyne Engineering @Hydro_Dyne

Jay Conroy, 2000 B.S., Environmental Engineering Sciences & B.S., Business Administration

Jay Conroy is president of Hydro-Dyne Engineering, a company that designs and manufactures screening, screening handling and grit removal equipment for municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment.