COE Health and Safety Objectives

COE Health and Safety Objectives

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering is committed to providing a safe and healthy working and learning environment for its faculty, staff, students, and visitors.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement of our health and safety performance and culture by adhering to the following objectives, which align with our Gator Engineering Attributes:

* Leadership: Develop, implement, monitor and improve safety systems, programs and policies to meet or exceed University standards.

* Integrity: Hold all accountable for contributing to the improvement of our safety culture by taking appropriate actions to remove hazards, minimize risk, and learn from incidents, accidents and near-misses.

* Professional Excellence: Establish a culture that fosters sound decision making and standardized processes in order to achieve continuous improvement in safety outcomes.

* Creativity: Identify innovative techniques that encourage everyone to develop a safety-awareness mindset, affecting motivation, behavior and attitudes in a positive way.

* Service to the Global Community: Prepare faculty and students to become safety ambassadors, possessing knowledge and skill sets that can translate into leading safety practices globally.