Mission Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Engineering Laboratory Safety Office is to establish a comprehensive guidance plan for Principal Investigators to follow, which will identify hazards, mitigate risks, ensure compliance and foster a positive culture of safety.

The Engineering Laboratory Safety Office strives to CONNECT, not inspect the labs. *CONNECT means: Check-In, Offer Help, get to kNOw the labs, introduce New programs, Evaluate hazards,Correct concerns (non-punitive), Tout (identify and recognize/reward best practices). The aim is to promote managing safety using the 3 E’s: Evaluate hazards, Ensure compliance and Enhance safety culture. To do this, the focus will be on your research, processes, equipment and protocols. Contact the Engineering Laboratory Safety Office to schedule a visit to suit the needs of your lab which can include the following:

(1) research a current topic of concern and present information

(2) answer questions related to compliance confusions

(3) do mock inspections

(4) receive feedback from researchers on how to integrate safety into the research process vs. focusing on compliance

(5) do a “get-to-know-you” visit