MSE Seminar: Fuels & Materials Research at the Advanced Test Reactor

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The Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility (ATR NSUF) was created in April 2007 to provide a mechanism for research teams outside of the Idaho National Laboratory to conduct nuclear technology research and development using a singular national asset.  Since the creation of the User Facility, five universities have initiated experiments through the NSUF.  This presentation will cover three topics.  First, the ATR NSUF capability will be explained and methods to interact with the User Facility described.  Second, the basic mechanisms of radiation damage in materials will be explained to provide insight into why reactor testing is required.  Finally, some examples of research in the ATR will be highlighted.


Dr. Todd Allen is an Associate Professor in the Department of Engineering Physics at the University of Wisconsin – Madison since 2003.  His research expertise is in the area of materials related issues in nuclear reactors, specifically radiation damage and corrosion.  Dr. Allen has established the Extreme Environment Laboratory equipped with facilities for a wide array of high temperature studies as well as the ion beam laboratory for radiation damage studies.  Dr. Allen is also the Scientific Director for the Advanced Test Reactor National Scientific User Facility at Idaho National Laboratory, a position that he holds in conjunction with his faculty position at the University of Wisconsin.