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University of Florida wins 2019 Engineering Deans’ Cup

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Experiential learning and teamwork are essential ingredients to a rewarding engineering education for many engineering students.  Student competitions give undergraduates not only the chance to put their classroom knowledge to work in a real world setting, but also, to bond with teammates over shared wins and losses. In recognition of the hard work and competitive spirit exhibited by undergraduate engineering …

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UF Adds Fully Dedicated Engineering Education Department to Engineering College

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Faculty in the department will teach general engineering courses, including a first-year design class, courses for a graduate certificate in Engineering Education, and conduct fundamental and applied research in the discipline of Engineering Education. The faculty will use evidence-based knowledge from their research to inform their teaching. The improved teaching methods will result in more engaged students and better learning …

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Codebreaking Is Elementary With Help From UF Engineer

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UF engineering professor Dr. Swarup Bhunia, Director of the Warren B. Nelms Institute of the Connected World and Sachio Semmoto professor, is collaborating with Dr. Pavlo Antonenko, professor in the College of Education, to develop an online program that can be used to teach upper elementary school students how to use basic cryptography in an engaging way that will help them to read and write better and also become interested in engineering.