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NVIDIA Founder Chris Malachowsky Inducted Into Florida Inventors Hall Of Fame

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Chris Malachowsky, an alumnus of UF’s Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, was selected for inventing the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that transformed the visual computing industry by creating a consumer-oriented 3D graphics market. Under Malachowsky’s leadership, NVIDIA has evolved the GPU into a computer brain that intersects virtual reality, high performance computing and artificial intelligence. He holds 35 U.S. patents. …

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University of Florida wins 2019 Engineering Deans’ Cup

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Experiential learning and teamwork are essential ingredients to a rewarding engineering education for many engineering students.  Student competitions give undergraduates not only the chance to put their classroom knowledge to work in a real world setting, but also, to bond with teammates over shared wins and losses. In recognition of the hard work and competitive spirit exhibited by undergraduate engineering …

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Olabarrieta Receives the PECASE Award

In Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure and Environment, Honors & Awards, News, Research & Innovation

The PECASE award is described as the highest honor given by the U.S. Government to exceptional new scientists and engineers who contribute to the advancement of the STEM fields through scientific leadership, community outreach and public education.  Dr. Olabarrieta was one of four University of Florida faculty members to receive the PECASE award.  “I am very honored,” Dr. Olabarrieta said. …

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31 Faculty Awarded University Term Professorships

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The University Term Professorship was established in 2016 and is presented to 250 eligible faculty members annually. Selection of University Term Professorships is based on an assessment of academic accomplishment by either a faculty advisory committee and/or the department chair and approved by the dean. Each award runs for 3 years and provides a $5,000/year salary supplement to the awardee. …