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MAE students simulate cow digestion for interdisciplinary learning experience

In Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, News, Student SpotlightBy Emily HindsStory originally published on MAE News

ME Capstone students are collaborating with Dr. Antonio Faciola, an associate professor of animal sciences at UF’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS), to redesign legacy cow digestion simulators pivotal for ruminant nutrition research. This interdisciplinary partnership leverages the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department’s EML4502 course, taught by senior lecturer Dr. Matthew J. Traum.

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Student Spotlight: Divya Vellanki

In News, Student SpotlightBy Samantha Jones

Divya Vellanki, a master’s student in computer science, came to UF from Andhra Pradesh, India and hit the ground running. Self-determined and ambitious, Divya dives into every opportunity available to her to enrich her college experience, determined to push herself out of her comfort zone and make a big impact in every endeavor she undertakes.   After she received her …