Founded in 1975, SECME is an alliance of K-12 educators, universities, parents, and industry/government partners committed to engaging and preparing more under-resourced students for college and careers in STEM through engaging opportunities for authentic engineering.

The SECME model includes research-based strategies to address the barriers to STEM majors and careers for under-resourced students. These include:

  • Teacher professional development that is enhanced by national education, industry and university-based technology, and best practices
  • Master teacher-led workshops that model inquiry-based instruction and deliver STEM curriculum for deeper understanding
  • Clearinghouse of resources and best practices provided for teachers to support and facilitate student interest and achievement in STEM
  • Student engagement and improved achievement in STEM-related activities and competitions
  • Students are introduced to the culture of college and college readiness strategies.
  • Parent education and engagement through school and university-based workshops and programs

Note: SECME is NOT a curriculum. Many schools, universities, and partners have implemented SECME programs as their STEM initiatives or to complement or enhance existing STEM programs.