Summer Workshop Testimonials

“These creative and innovative professional development modules have allowed our students to become inquirers, as they seek to find information on their own. Our teachers are learning to become facilitators instead of just givers of information.”

“Since using the Institute module content, students are more engaged and have more fun learning.”

“All of the SECME modules I attended have been very useful to my students. They provided me with a hands-on platform to introduce the concepts of engineering. The SECME Institute is one of the most practical professional development workshops I have attended in a long time.”

“I changed my entire [art] sculpture unit to a STEAM challenge. The kids loved it and became very involved in problem-solving.”

“We have created a Sensational Science Club that meets monthly with students ranging from K-5.”

“The Periodic Table Goes Live! is an example of an interactive module activity I now use. It deviated from the traditional way of teaching the periodic table – like memorizing symbols and characteristics of the elements. With this new activity, learning became more fun for my students, and the retention of concepts was better, as evidenced in weekly assessment data.”