Poster Design Competition

Competition Description – All Divisions

This year, we have created a new competition to design a Poster. This competition will take place virtually at the national level and is inclusive of all SECME students, regardless of their district’s affiliation with SECME or their preference for conducting it regionally.

Students participating in the national Poster Design Competition must design a poster and create a video presentation for virtual submission. The poster must correspond to this year’s theme: “Space is the Place.”


To our SECME regional hosts and university partners:

Hosting this competition in your region is at your discretion. Should you opt to proceed, you can offer the choice between in-person or remote presentations in alignment with the national format.

>>>>>>> Poster Design Guideline in PDF Format <<<<<<<

 >>>>>>>Poster Design Scoresheet in PDF Format <<<<<<<


Table of Contents


Competition Requirements

  1. An original poster. Designs can be:
    • Hand-drawn
    • Digital
    • AI-generated
  2. Cover page
  3. Video Presentation

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Submission requirements and Scoring

Submit your PDF document (cover page and poster design) with the file name “SECME_PD_Your Division_Your School Name.”

*Your Division is either “Elementary,” “Middle, “or “High”.

  1. Organization – 10%
    • Poster Size Requirement.
      • The student’s poster design required a minimum size of 18 x 24 inches or a maximum size of 24 x 36 inches.
    • Cover page
      • The SECME Student’s Name and Grade
      • Competition Type
      • School Division
      • The SECME Student Chosen Topic
      • Official School Name
      • Official School District Name
      • School City and State
      • SECME Coordinator’s Name and Email
  2. Poster Design – 45%
    • Relevance – Does the student’s poster design align with the theme: “Space is the Place”?
    • Appearance – Is the student’s poster design aesthetically appealing? (Is the student’s poster design neat, high quality, and polished?)
    • Creativity – Does the poster show creativity and imagination? Is the artwork original and not copied from other sources?
  3. Video Presentation – 45%
    • Students must be able to answer the following questions:
      • How does your design capture the theme: Space is the Place?
      •  Does the student explain what poster design elements they choose and why? (e.g., why did the student choose the color scheme or symbols used in their design?)
      • The Poster must be the original work of the SECME student.
      • Does the student explain how the poster represents a “big idea” in STEM related to the theme Space is the Place?
      • The video must be submitted as an mp4 file.
      • The video presentation is a maximum of 5 minutes long.
      • Submit your video with the file name “SECME_PD_Video_ Your Division_Your School Name.”

for detailed scoring, please download the scoresheet 

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