Essay Competition – Elementary School
Grades: 3 – 5

Description – Grades: 3 – 5

The Essay Competition allows SECME coordinators to reinforce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) skills through writing. Students will choose between a non-fiction or science-fiction topic to write an original essay.

Students will write an original essay and provide a reference page


>>>>>>> Essay Guideline for Grades 3-5 in PDF Format <<<<<<<

 >>>>>>> Essay Grades 3-5 Scoresheet in PDF Format <<<<<<< 


Non-Fiction Topics

  • Digital Citizenship
    • What is digital citizenship? How do you practice good digital citizenship? Write about three rules that you and your classmates should follow when you are online.
  • The Importance of the Scientific Method
    • What is the scientific method? Why is it important? Describe an example of a time you have used the scientific method.
  • STEM Role Model
    • Who do you consider to be your STEM role model? It could be an inventor, an engineer, an architect, an artist, or anyone who has succeeded in the STEM industry. Why do you admire this individual? How did their story impact or inspire you on your journey in STEM?

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Science-Fiction Topics

  • Technology
    • Cellphones, tablets, and computers have not been around forever. What would the world be like if they were never invented?
  • Earth and Space
    • An alien just landed in your backyard. How would you describe Earth to an alien from another planet?
    • Your parents just told you that you will be moving to the moon. Describe how your life would be different on the moon. What would you need to survive?

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Process Map

*Click on the image to see the enlarged version.

  1. Choose a topic from either the non-fiction or science-fiction list.
  2. Research the topic. 
  3. Draft the essay, read and review
  4. Ask your SECME Coordinator, ELA teacher, and/or parent/guardian for feedback.
  5. Revise based on the feedback, and if necessary, repeat, go back to step 3 and repeat with changes.
  6. Finalize your essay.
  7. Create a reference page and list all the sources you used (and cited) in your essay.
  8. Submit your cover page, finalized essay, and reference page.

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Submission Requirements and scoring

Submit a PDF file that includes your cover page, finalized essay, and reference page with the file name “SECME_Essay_Elementary_ Your School Name.

For detailed scoring, please download the scoresheet.

  1. Organization – 30 %
    • Cover page 
    • Reference Page
    • Grammer, spelling, and formatting
    • Reference Page 
  2. Essay – 70%
    • Adherence to Topic
    • Originality and Coherence
    • Creativity
    • Analysis and Use of Evidence:
    • Word Count

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