SECME Master Teachers


SECME Master Teachers are the education professionals who bring the magic to the SECME Summer Workshop (formerly known as Summer Institute). Through the years,  they have brought what they’ve learned in their classroom experiences to share with the Summer Institute participants and bring fun, magic, and excitement for teaching to each year’s Summer Workshop.

Hats off to these SECME Master Teachers


Dr. Roger Blanco

Mr. Richard McCombs

Dr. Elijah Swift

Mr. Johnson Aikindele 

Mr. Anil Antony 

Mr. Curtis Biffle 

Mrs. Jamila Bowser 

Mr. Manuel Cox 

Ms. Violet Dean Crawley 

Ms. Lori Dunklin 

Dr. Sheria Enahora 

Ms. Mercedes Eques 

Mrs. Gwendolyn Maturo Grasso 

Mr. Dave Thede 

Mr. Ed Tymes 

Mrs. Judy Wall-Townsend 

Dr. Kenton Wesby 

Dr. Tanisha Wesby 

Ms. Edith Williams 

Mrs. Kimberly Worrell 

Ms. Edna Mills 

Ms. Olga Perazzo 

Mrs. Karen Gant

Mrs. Shaheedah Enahora

Ron Sperlbaum 

Mr. Bill White (In Memoriam)

Ms. Malvina Holloway 

Ms. Delores Ann Jackson-McCrary 

Ms. Myra Jean Jackson 

Dr. Kisha Jarrett 

Mr. Erich Landstrom 

Mr. James McKenzie 

Mr. Larry Pierce 

Mr. John Roberts 

Ms. Jean Savoy 

Mr. Roy Shears 

Mary Sims 

Mr. Theo Harris 

Tyrone Tarlton