Adversity is nothing: Chet Udell, a Gator Engineer who beats all odds to receive doctorate

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Chet Udell, who will receive his doctorate in music composition with a focus in electrical engineering, has overcome many challenges on his path to graduation on Friday.

Udell, who has always had a love for music, grew up in a foster home where money was tight. He was a self-taught musician in high school and then followed his interest to the University of Florida. Although he was denied admission to UF on his first try, he continued to pursue his dream and eventually was accepted. During his time at UF, he discovered a new interest, this time in electrical engineering, and decided to study both. He has invented a small device that combines his knowledge in both engineering and music.

To Chet, not only do we say, “Job well done”, but more importantly, we also want to say “Thank you”, for showing us what it means to truly bear the attributes of the Gator Engineer: Creativity, Leadership, Integrity, and Professional Excellence. Congratulations, Dr. Udell.