Class of 2012: As engineers, be our world’s problem solvers

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Be about something more than just you. Do something more than just one person can do. Strive to have great accomplishments, not to be great.  And to the extent that if you are ever put in leadership positions, create goals and vision that transcend organizations and bring people together such that one plus one ultimately is greater than two.

Martin “Marty” L. Abbott (M.S. CE ’98)
College of Engineering Commencement 2012 Keynote Speaker

Whatever you do, it’s probably going to change a dozen times as you move through life, it was that way for me. I would advise you to just take advantage of your opportunities. You’re well prepared.

Felix A. Crawford (B.S. IE ’61)
College of Engineering 2012 Distinguished Alumni

Engineers, as our world’s problem solvers, are needed to make a positive  impact on this world, and also to correct problems. It will be through the collaboration of engineers and others that innovation will spring forth to solve those problems.

Erin J. Wallace (B.S. ISE ’82)
Executive Vice President, Operations Integration, Walt Disney Parks and Resorts
College of Engineering 2012 Distinguished Alumni