Good news for those facing the nightly grind!

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With their development of a smart mouth guard that dentists can use to diagnose and treat teeth grinding, a team of University of Florida students representing the United States took a second-place prize in the 2015 International Contest of Application in Nano-micro Technology (iCAN).

The technology is patent-pending under the guidance of UF’s Office of Technology and Licensing. Its design originated at UF under the leadership of associate professor Yong-Kyu “YK” Yoon in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and his collaborator, Fong Wong, associate professor in UF’s Restorative Dental Sciences Department and Craniofacial Center. It was further developed through the UF College or Engineering’s Integrated Product and Process Design, or IPPD program. Under the direction of Dr. Keith Stanfill, the IPPD program places students in small multidisciplinary teams under the guidance of faculty coaches and liaison engineers to design and build authentic industrial products for sponsoring companies. The mouth guard pulled together faculty and students from electrical and computer, biomedical, and industrial and systems engineering.

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