Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education

To obtain a certificate, you must first apply through (Apply->More Degree Options).  You must apply before you take your second course.  To earn the certificate, you must apply to graduate with it

The Department of Engineering Education offers a Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education.


The goal of the Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education is to prepare graduate students for a career as a faculty member, whether that is a tenure-track position in a research university, tenure-track position in a primarily teaching university, or a non-tenure track teaching or research position. Engineering are unique in that the undergraduate degree is the professional degree which allows graduates to practice as professionals and, in the case of engineering, obtain a professional license. As a result, engineering education have developed over the last 20 years into unique disciplines with their own conferences, journals, and funding sources. Their focus is on how to improve the education of students in design thinking and analysis, as well as the societal impact of solutions. Work in engineering education in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering spans the range from foundational research on how students learn to think like an engineer or computer scientist to development of new curricular approaches. The certificate serves two purposes within this context:

  1. Currently, graduate students within the college who work on engineering and issues, either as their entire dissertation or as part of it, do not get formal recognition for this work on their transcript. This certificate would provide that recognition, signaling their expertise in this area to potential employers.
  2. Graduate students who are conducting technical research and are interested in a faculty position have only limited opportunity to learn the skills needed to be successful as a faculty member. EGN 6933 Engineering Faculty Development provides a broad overview, with a significant focus on applying for a faculty position. This certificate would provide more specific content on typical instructional tasks of engineering faculty members. Again, recognition on the transcript will signal to potential employers that the student has taken initiative to prepare for a faculty position.

In order to serve both of these purposes, the certificate provides flexibility based on the student’s interest. All students must take a new Foundations in Engineering Education class which will provide an overview of important issues in the field as they relate to faculty practice; Engineering Faculty Development to prepare them for being successful in the application process and in managing their role as faculty; and Supervised Teaching to provide them with practical guidance on being an instructor. Flexibility is provided through the final course in the certificate, which students will select from a list of electives. This course may be a research methods course for those students conducting engineering education research, or a course in some aspect of teaching and learning. The minimum number of credits required is 9, but students may take more depending on which course they select from the list of electives.


The certificate may be earned by any graduate student within the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering who is in good standing. A minimum of 9 credits are required (depending on the courses selected a student may take more than 9 credits). The requirements are:

Take both of the following:

EGS 6050 Foundations of Engineering Education (3 cr)
EGS 6056 Learning and Teaching in Engineering (1 cr)

Take a total of 2 credits of one of the following; may be taken across multiple semesters:

ABE 6940 Supervised Teaching
BME 6940 Supervised Teaching
ECH 6940 Supervised Teaching
CGN 6940 Supervised Teaching
CIS 6940 Supervised Teaching
EEL 6940 Supervised Teaching
EIN 6940 Supervised Teaching

Take one of the following:

EDF 6400 Quantitative Foundations of Education Research Overview (3 cr)
EDF 6475 Qualitative Foundations of Educational Research (4 cr)
EDF 7491 Evaluation of Educational Products and Systems (3 cr)
EDG 6356 Teaching, Learning and Assessment (3 cr)
EME 5207 Designing Technology-Rich Curricula (3 cr)
EME 6059 Blended Learning Environments (3 cr)
SCE 5765: Data-Driven Science Instruction (3 cr)

Complete a test after all coursework has been completed which will be used for program assessment.