Undergraduate Certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications

Undergraduate Certificate in AI Fundamentals and Applications

To obtain a certificate, you must first apply through https://admissions.ufl.edu (Apply->More Degree Options).  You must apply before you take your second course.  To earn the certificate, you must apply to graduate with it

The AI Fundamentals and Applications Certificate is intended for undergraduates of all majors (both technical and non-technical) to understand fundamentals of artificial intelligence, its applications to real world problems in various disciplines, and ethical and professional responsibilities of these technologies.  The certificate consists of a required fundamentals course, a college specific application course and an ethics course.  Students are using high level AI tools and applying them to problems in their disciplines.

College: Engineering
Credits: 9 | Completed with minimum grades of C

Admission criteria: Junior level of any major, MAC 1147 or equivalent.  Some of the elective courses require prerequisites which are fulfilled by the majors indicated.

Required courses

EEL 3872: Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence

PHI 3681: Ethics, Data, and Technology

College Specific courses (select 1)

Note: this certificate will be updated when additional college courses become available


EEE 4773 Fundamentals of Machine Learning (EG-ECE major)

CAP 3032 Interactive Modeling and Animation 1

BME 4760 Biomedical Data Science (EG-BME major)

ESI 4610 Introduction to Data Analytics (EG-ISE major)

Liberal Arts and Sciences

CAP 3032 Interactive Modeling and Animation 1

Agricultural and Life Sciences

ALS 3XXXC AI in Agricultural and Life Sciences (course number in progress)

QMB 3302 Foundations of Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

Design Construction and Planning

DCP 4XXX AI in the Built Environment (course number in progress)

Additional Colleges

In progress


Pam Simon (phs@ufl.edu) – 352-392-9672