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Graduate Programs

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The UF Department of Engineering Education was formed in 2019. We specialize in engineering education research and the delivery of innovative and effective instructional methods and assessment in engineering coursework. Our faculty design and teach large enrollment undergraduate engineering courses that span multiple majors using methods that promote conceptual understanding and student retention. We are committed to fostering an inclusive learning environment in our classrooms and beyond.

Why This Program?I decided to pursue engineering education at UF after engaging with the amazing faculty in this department. Since expressing my research interests to them, I’ve received unmatched support and guidance on my graduate school journey.” Dennis Parnell Jr., June 2022 Graduate Research Assistant

  1. Collaborate with industry, faculty, and/or advisors to conduct research and develop evidenced-based practices
  2. A diverse faculty in terms of ethnicity, disciplines and academic roles that will support and guide you through a meaningful graduate school experience
  3. Engage in projects that enhance your next step in your Some examples are: Industry training experience, professional development, advising p
    ractice, classroom innovation, novel assessment strategy and global engineering education.

Graduate Certificate in Engineering Education


The goal of this certificate in Engineering Education is to prepare graduate students for a career as a faculty member, whether that is a tenure-track position in a research university, tenure-track position in a primarily teaching university, or a non-tenure track teaching or research position. The certificate provides flexibility based on the student’s interest. (Minimum of 9 credits are required).

Ph.D. DegreeThe interdisciplinary nature of the Engineering Education doctorate program excited me enough to apply. I’m looking forward to learning how to incorporate innovation in students’ learning whilst contributing to the instructional designs, strategies and professional development of graduate students.” Gadhaun Aslam, 2021 Graduate Research Assistant


The Ph.D. program was approved in Nov 2022 and started in Spring 2023.

This degree prepares graduate students to conduct educational research to inform evidence-based practice in an engineering context through core courses in engineering education, experiential learning, and graduate work in disciplinary concentration. (Minimum of 90 credits beyond the bachelor’s degree)

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