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DOE awards UF and Synhelion $2.7M to scale up solar hydrogen energy production

In Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, News, Research GrantsStory originally published on

A joint project between the University of Florida and Synhelion, a global pioneer in the field of carbon-neutral solar fuels, has been awarded $2.7M from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO). The project aims to accelerate the large-scale development and deployment of concentrating solar thermal power (CSP) technology to produce green hydrogen for industrial decarbonization and electric power generation and storage.

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Richard Vigeant named director of Research & Engineering Education Facility

In Engineering Education, News, Research & Innovation

Dear Colleagues, Please join me in congratulating Richard Vigeant for agreeing to serve as the next Director of the Research & Engineering Education Facility (REEF), which is a College-led educational site that has served Eglin Air Force Base for more than 50 years. Richard joined the College in 2017 as the founding Director of Florida Applied Research in Engineering (FLARE) …

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UF researcher: Floridians must “rise to the occasion” to fortify against impact of storms

In Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, ICYMI, In the Headlines, NewsBy Mary Ellen KlasStory originally published on Tampa Bay Times

David O. Prevatt, Ph.D., professor of Civil & Coastal Engineering, studied the damage caused by Hurricane Ian and said Floridians continue to be slow to make the changes needed to fortify themselves against the costly impacts of storms. “When we rise to the occasion, we learn from our failures,” he said. “I contend that our learning from failure in a context of wind hazards is too slow and the growth of housing — being built in very vulnerable areas — far exceeds our ability to do something about it.”

Understanding the riding experience of people with disabilities in an automated shuttle

In News, Research & InnovationBy Ada Lang

Most of us have the luxury of not having to think about transportation and mobility. However, about 41 million Americans have disabilities and here in Florida, with its older demographic, providing more mobility options become a higher priority. A research team at the University of Florida (UF) recently studied persons with disabilities’ attitudes about utilizing automated shuttles and found that …

UF researchers develop new CRISPR-based tool for cancer diagnosis

In J Crayton Pruitt Family Department of Biomedical Engineering, News, Research & InnovationBy Leah BulettiStory originally published on UF News

A team of University of Florida researchers led by Yong Zeng, Ph.D.,an associate professor in the department of chemistry, an affiliate faculty member in the J. Crayton Pruitt Family department of biomedical engineering and a UF Health Cancer Center member, has developed a promising new CRISPR-powered method for noninvasive blood tests that could help clinicians diagnose cancer at earlier stages.