Meet UF’s New Engineering Faculty (2018-2020)

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Our New Engineers will help lead the way by addressing the seemingly impossible challenges we face collectively in the areas of cybersecurity, environmental protection, personalized and affordable healthcare, transportation, and workforce and economic development. Together, we are ready to help shape the radically changing landscape of life as we know it. The following faculty members joined or will join the …

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Middle School Summer Camp “Girls With Nerve” Empowers The Pursuit of Neuroscience

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UF Researchers Daniel Ferris, Ph.D., and Rachael Seidler, Ph.D., teamed up to bring more than 20 middle school students to campus this summer for a free, week-long summer camp aimed at empowering girls to explore neuroscience. Held July 8-12 in the Florida Gym, the camp brought sixth, seventh and eighth graders together for hands-on activities, field trips to multiple neuroscience …