UF will spearhead DARPA mission to pioneer crucial biomanufacturing in space

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With the goal of creating a resilient supply chain for a sustained presence in space, researchers at the University of Florida (UF) are bioengineering microbes for experimentation on the International Space Station (ISS) they hope will reliably produce biopolymers, nutraceuticals, and antibiotics in variable gravity conditions.

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Timing is everything for UF team creating hyper-accurate synchronization for DoD readiness

In Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Featured, News, Research GrantsBy Shawn Jenkins

Funded by a $4.5 million contract from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), UF researchers, including Roozbeh Tabrizian, Ph.D., principal investigator and associate professor and Alan Hastings Faculty Fellow in ECE, are leading the project to produce a microchip-sized tactical-grade clock that maintains accuracy on the magnitude of billionths of a second over time.

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Expanding Pathways For Black Engineers

In Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering, Diversity and Inclusion, Featured, News, Research GrantsBy Shawn Jenkins

Denise R. Simmons, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Civil & Coastal Engineering and associate dean for Workforce Development in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, is the leading principal investigator for the $1.28 million, four-year project “Critical Conversations: Systemic and Agentic Empowerment of Black Ph.D. Students and their Faculty Advisors in Engineering,” which is sponsored by the Racial Equity in STEM Education program, an initiative of the National Science Foundation’s Education and Human Resources (EHR) division that supports racial equity in STEM.

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Erika Moore Receives $1.85 million from NIH to Investigate How Ancestry Affects Wound Healing

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Erika Moore, Ph.D., holder of the Rhines Rising Star Larry Hench Assistant Professor in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, has received the prestigious National Institutes of Health Maximizing Investigators’ Research Award (MIRA) from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences. Dr. Moore and her team will use the five-year, $1.85 million award to address critical gaps in understanding the relationship between ancestry and cell responses in wound healing. In the long term, this research will lead to biomaterial models of health disparities for the improved identification of wound healing risks and outcomes.

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Engineering the Hi-Fi Brain

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Through a $4.5 million award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), two researchers in the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering are working to advance the therapeutic intervention known as “neuromodulation,” fine-tuning electronic stimulation inside the body by creating next-generation electrodes that will deliver the equivalent of high fidelity for the central nervous system. 

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Jutla Receives $1M NASA Grant to Predict and Prevent Cholera

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Antarpreet Jutla, Ph.D., an environmental engineering sciences associate professor in the Engineering School of Sustainable Infrastructure & Environment, along with researchers and humanitarian advisors from other institutions, created a one-of-its-kind portal to predict and prevent cholera outbreaks. With a $1 million grant from NASA, UF will become one of the first institutions primed to understand the patterns of this disease’s emergence in several parts of the world with the use of prediction tools.