NRF awards UF researcher Loss Prevention Ring of Excellence Award

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Read Hayes, Ph.D.

Read Hayes, Ph.D., Research Scientist (Criminologist) in the Florida Engineering Experiment Station (FLEX)

The National Retail Federation (NRF) has announced its recognition of outstanding loss prevention professionals for the 2023 NRF PROTECT Awards. Among the esteemed honorees is Read Hayes, Ph.D., a University of Florida research scientist and director of the UF SaferPlaces Laboratory.

Dr. Hayes has made significant contributions to the field of loss prevention through his research, expertise, and dedication to enhancing security measures in the retail industry. His innovative approaches and collaborative efforts have helped shape best practices and strategies to mitigate risks and combat theft. Dr. Hayes has over 30 years of hands-on law enforcement, retailing, and research-based crime control experience in the US and over 20 countries. He is also the director of the Loss Prevention Research Council.

The NRF’s acknowledgment of Dr. Hayes underscores his exceptional achievements and the positive impact he has had on the industry.

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