UF SaferPlaces Lab

UF SaferPlaces Lab


The UF SaferPlace Lab (SPL) provides an unprecedented tech-enabled, physical, and data-protective ecosystem to conduct multi-disciplinary, cutting-edge R&D research to better safeguard vulnerable people and enhance the place-user experience.

The existing UF SaferPlaces Lab (SPL) in FLEX Station, Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, comprises a part-time UF Research Scientist/Criminologist teaming with multidisciplinary researchers, the industry group Loss Prevention Research Council, 70 leading retail companies, and over 100 security technology companies working together in labs and Gainesville, FL.

Innovation to better safeguard the vulnerable across Florida and beyond

Resource a permanent, highly capable crime prevention R&D team and lab ecosystem

Secure persistent funding to enable critical integrated high-speed, high bandwidth protective sensors and devices, as well as grow the existing SPL from one part-time Research Scientist to a team of two full-time Research Scientists, one Research Associate, and one Network Technician to extend world-class people and place protective research across the state of Florida.

Research & Lab Resouces

Priority Projects

  • Develop a cutting-edge indoor/outdoor 5G testbed
  • VR Place-User Safety/Security Perception Measures
  • Earlier Online Threat and Planning Chatter Detection
  • Localized Protective Technology and Tactic Integrations
  • Cross-Place and Partner Protective Integrations

Potential UF SPL Funding Models

  • State Legislative Budget Requests: Originate in colleges and go through various levels of scrutiny and approval to move forward into potential funding consideration.
  • Corporate Sponsorships: Participating and potentially affected companies provide specific funding or endowment support.
  • Corporate and Governmental Fees for Lab Use or Projects: Once established, the UF SPL could potentially charge lab collaborators project planning and testing or usage fees.
  • Governmental, Corporate, and Foundation Grants: Fund specific research or create a long-term, highly capable place safety research center incorporating multi-disciplinary research scientists, realistic lab environments, and integrated cutting-edge technologies.

The UF Innovate Hub, 747 SW 2nd Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601


Dr. Read Hayes
Research Scientist/Criminologist
Email: rrhayes@ufl.edu
Phone: 321-303-6193