Vision & Strategy

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering fosters and provides world-class programs in engineering education, research and service to enhance the economic and social well-being of the citizens of Florida, the nation and the world.

Educational Objectives

  • Prepare students to communicate clearly and concisely in written and oral formats with audiences ranging from the technical to the uninformed.
  • Prepare students to be society-wise and technology-wise so they can function as effective partners with citizen and interest groups, industries, local, state, federal and international governing bodies and others in formulating policies and plans that address society’s current and emerging problems.
  • Prepare students to be effective engineering practitioners with the ability to employ contemporary engineering techniques, skills and tools that emphasize computer capability and the access and use of information resources.
  • Prepare students to translate scientific, mathematical and engineering theories into practical applications to engineering problems through classroom presentations, laboratory and other experimentation, data analysis, employment opportunities such as those offered by co-op, internships, design competitions, entrepreneurship, association with research projects and other experiences.
  • Prepare students to function as interdisciplinary team members and/or team leaders in addressing multi-dimensional engineering and social problems with ethical, public health, environmental, political, economic and international dimensions.
  • Prepare students to recognize engineering problems, to develop skills and strategies to solve such problems, to be competent to carry out relevant design processes, to recognize the need for considering alternative approaches to problem-solving and to understand the realities of what society will and will not accept as feasible solutions.
  • Prepare students to be responsible practitioners with complete understanding of the ethical and professional dimensions of good engineering practice and the need for lifelong learning.

Strategic Goals

  • GROW enrollment in areas of high demand
  • DEVELOP innovative interdisciplinary programs
  • STRENGTHEN quality of undergraduate and graduate programs by enhancing experiential opportunities
  • INCREASE the diversity of the engineering talent pipeline
  • FOSTER a culture of leadership and encourage engagement in public policy
  • EXPAND entrepreneurial contributions to our community, region, state and nation