West Coast Advisory Board

Faculty Member Marty Abbott

Marty Abbott

CEO & Co-Founder, AKF Partners

Faculty Member  Michael Durham

Michael Durham

Founder & CEO, Soap Creek Energy

Faculty Member  Manny Fernandez

Manny Fernandez

Managing Director, SI Ventures

Faculty Member  Randy Glein

Randy Glein

Managing Partner, DFJ Growth

Faculty Member  Arnie Goldberg

Arnie Goldberg

VP/GM of Payments, Google

Faculty Member  Larry Goldstein

Larry Goldstein

Founder & General Partner, Seed Capital Partners

Faculty Member  Patrick Harshman

Patrick Harshman

CEO, President, Harmonic, Inc.

Faculty Member  Jeff Hilbert

Jeff Hilbert

Founding Partner & CEO, 2 The Point Advisors NV, LLC

Faculty Member  Craig Horne

Craig Horne

VP, Advanced Energy Storage Development, Energy Vault

Faculty Member  Chuck Kung

Chuck Kung

Angel Investor

Faculty Member  Trey Lauderdale

Trey Lauderdale

Digital Health Advisor

Faculty Member  Craig LeGrande

Craig LeGrande

CEO & Founder, Mainstay Partners LLC

Faculty Member  Jimmy Lu

Jimmy Lu

Founder & Managing Director of Eos BioInnovation

Faculty Member  Chris Malachowsky

Chris Malachowsky

Co-founder and Fellow, NVIDIA

Faculty Member  Hans Mosesmann

Hans Mosesmann

Managing Director, Rosenblatt Securities

Faculty Member  Guillermo Quintana

Guillermo Quintana

Vice President, Infrastructure & Platform Engineering at Fanatics

Faculty Member  Wally Rhines

Wally Rhines

President & CEO, Cornami, Inc. Former Chairman & CEO, Mentor Graphics

Faculty Member  Hugo Saleh

Hugo Saleh

Head of HPC, Google

Faculty Member  Sachio Semmoto

Sachio Semmoto

Executive Chair, Renova; Founder, eAccess Ltd.; Founder, eMobile

Faculty Member  James Spoto

James Spoto

Executive Advisor, Xidas Corp

Faculty Member  John Tavs

John Tavs

Retired CEO, Objective Systems Integrators, Inc.

Faculty Member  Chris Tice

Chris Tice

Board Member and Technology Advisor, Former Synopsys Executive, System Design Group at Synopsys, Inc.

Faculty Member  Kelly Truman

Kelly Truman

VP New Business Development, Semiconductor Products Group, Applied Materials

Faculty Member  Amit Vohra

Amit Vohra

Co-founder, President and CEO, Promaxo

Faculty Member  Josh Walden

Josh Walden

Retired COO, Footprint Former Sr. Vice President/GM, Intel Product Assurance and Security Group

Faculty Member  Yangbin Wang

Yangbin Wang

CEO/Founder, Vobile, Inc.