COVID-19 Research Roundup

Gator engineers are shaping the future of things that are vital to society as we traverse the COVID-19 pandemic landscape: reliable testing, contact tracing methods, protection for healthcare workers, predictive models for efficient healthcare operations, and many other necessities. Take a glance at what we are doing and how you can help, and check back often for updates and to see new solutions we are creating.


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Research Initiatives

At the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering, we are shaping the future of the things that matter to you: personalized and affordable health care, resilient communities, security, the connected world, educating tomorrow's leaders, and building a vibrant economy. These are the initiatives that will get us there. Read More

Subject Matter Experts

Researchers at the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering can help bring sound science, nuanced perspective and valuable context to your stories. Search a UF database by name or area of expertise. Read More


The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering’s Research Service Centers support and enhance the research, education, and public service missions of the University of Florida by providing access to characterization and process instrumentation. Expert staff provides the assistance and guidance necessary so that industry, faculty, and students get the most effective…... Read More

Centers & Institutes

With strategic initiatives spanning Health, Energy, Sustainability, Security, and Enabling Technologies, the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering has established these Institutes as university partners and resources to create opportunities for crossing boundaries and solving society’s most important problems. Read More

Florida Engineering Experiment Station

FLEXStation is building programs that will provide economic impact and workforce development to Florida companies, communities, and citizens, as well as development services to Florida industry to facilitate product and project development and technology commercialization. Read More

Faculty Research Resources

This is the website of the Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering's Office of Research and Facilities, which supports the college’s faculty, staff, and students in research efforts. Read More

Research & Innovation News

COVID-19 Research Roundup

Gator engineers are shaping the future of things that are vital to society as we traverse the COVID-19 pandemic landscape.

$15M Technology Transition Center Celebrates Virtual Kickoff

The joint center aims to harness the expertise of both FICS Research and Edaptive Computing to build a comprehensive set of technologies that can be used by designers and security engineers to ensure the security and trust of microelectronics.

Developing a Next-Generation Coronavirus Test for Home Use

Piyush Jain, Ph.D., CHE, has been working on a test for the novel coronavirus that can be administered at home in less than 30 minutes.

UF Labs Team Up to Outfit Hospitals

UF engineering professor Forrest Masters, Ph.D., began a collaborative effort between campus labs to produce protective gear for underequipped hospitals.

UF Engineers Develop HVAC Powered by Multiple Energy Sources

Saeed Moghaddam, Ph.D., Knox T. Millsaps Professor, MAE, along with industry and organizational partners, has received a $1.89M grant from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to develop a breakthrough cooling and heating system.

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