Critical input: UF’s Dr. Barbara Evans advances AI conversation

In AI University, NewsBy Samantha Jones

In the great AI debate, the stakes are high. Proponents envision a new frontier of smart automation while skeptics express concern that AI will result in the end of humanity.

In a space mired with anticipation and speculation, UF’s Barbara Evans, Ph.D., Professor of Law and Stephen C. O’Connell Chair, UF Levin College of Law and Professor of Engineering and Renwick Faculty Fellow in AI and Ethics, has emerged as a trusted resource in the AI conversation. Her dual appointment in law and engineering makes her uniquely equipped to speak to the ethical, legal, and practical nuances of the future of AI, and her knowledge and authority are highly sought after from academic peers, industry experts and corporate/business leaders. Dr. Evans commands a solid understanding of the risks and benefits of AI, and an understanding that there is no one ‘AI’ as a universal entity, that there will be myriad applications where this technology could be implemented, with varying levels of weight and consequence.