Pages are for standard content on your site (e.g. About, Contact) and appear automatically in the Section Navigation block and page lists. Before creating a page, consider where it belongs in your site hierarchy.

Create a New Page

From the dashboard, choose Pages > Add New.

Enter a page title under “Add title.” This should be descriptive but brief, as it will form the URL of your page by default.

Edit a Page

To edit an existing page, you have two options:

  1. In the dashboard, choose Pages > All Pages, then scroll or search through the list to select the page you want to edit. NOTE: You must use this option if your site has a mapped domain.
    • Your site has a mapped domain if the URL for the front end is different from the dashboard, e.g. for the front end vs. for the dashboard.
  2. While logged into WordPress, navigate through your site on the front end (i.e., as normal) and choose Edit Page from the admin bar at the top of the browser window. NOTE: If your site has a mapped domain, this option will give you an error. You must use option 1.