Add and Edit Pages

Add and Edit Pages

Pages are for standard content on your site (e.g. About, Contact, etc.) and appear in the primary navigation (if you have not created a Primary Navigation menu) as well as your sidebar and breadcrumb navigation. Before creating a page, consider where it belongs in your site hierarchy.

Create a New Page

From the dashboard, choose Pages > Add New.

Screenshot of link to add a new page

Enter a Page Title. This should be short, but descriptive.

Screenshot of Page Title field

The page will use the classic editor by default, but you can also choose to use the block editor.

Edit your content, then set Publishing Options and Publish, Preview, or Save Draft in the Publish pane.

Screenshot of publishing options meta box

Edit a Page

To edit an existing page, you have two options:

  1. In the dashboard, choose Pages > All Pages, then scroll or search through the list to select the page you want to edit. NOTE: You must use this option if your site has a mapped domain. Your site has a mapped domain if the URL for the front end is different from the dashboard, e.g. for the front end vs. for the dashboard.
  2. While logged into WordPress, navigate through your site on the front end (i.e., as normal) and choose Edit Page from the admin bar at the top of the browser window. NOTE: If your site has a mapped domain, this option will give you an error. You must use option 1.

Screenshot of WordPress admin bar

Edit your content, then select Update in the Publish pane.

Page Options and Attributes

In the Page Options meta box, add Title Override Text if you want the title displayed at the top of the page to differ from what is shown in the navigation menu.

Screenshot of Page Options meta box

In Page Attributes, “Parent” determines where the page will go in your site hierarchy. A higher number in the “Order” field will move the page further down the menu. “Template” chooses the page template.

Screenshot of Page Attributes meta box

Page Excerpts

Excerpts are optional, but they improve your site’s search engine optimization, and they are the summaries your site visitors see when your pages come up in search engine results.

Screenshot of Page Excerpt meta box

Featured Image

If you are using one of the Landing Page templates, upload a featured image, or choose one from the Media Library.

Screenshot of featured image meta box

Page Links

If you wish this page to automatically link to another page on your site or externally, select “A custom URL”  under Page Links To and enter the URL.

Screenshot of Page Links To meta box