The Block and Classic Editors

The Block and Classic Editors

You can choose whether to use the “classic editor” or the “block editor” (sometimes called the “Gutenberg editor”) to edit your website content. The classic editor is the same rich text editor that was previously used in WordPress, while the block editor is a recent feature of WordPress and allows you to create flexible drag-and-drop layouts.

Selecting your Editor

You can choose your editor for each page or post by going to Posts or Pages in the dashboard and selecting “Edit (Block Editor)” or “Edit (Classic Editor).”

Screenshot of Editor selection options

You can also switch editors while you are editing a page. To switch from the classic to block editor, select “Switch to Block Editor” in the Editor meta box.

Screenshot of meta box to switch to block editorTo switch from the block editor to the classic editor, choose the three-dotted icon above the inspector on the right side of the edit window, then select “Switch to Classic Editor.”

Screenshot of option to switch to classic editor

Using the Block Editor

The new WordPress editor makes use of content blocks that can be easily added and arranged in a drag-and-drop interface. The block area, where you can add blocks on content, appears on the left side of the edit window. The Inspector panel, where you can edit settings for the page and for the block selected, appears on the right.

Screenshot showing the block area and inspector panel in the block editor

To add a block, select the plus sign “Add Block” icon at the upper left side of the block area, or above or below existing blocks already in the page. Choose a content type from the list, or search or browse for a block type. Navigate through the blocks on a page using the “Block navigation” list icon at the upper left side of the block area.

"Add Block" plus sign icon and interface

You can rearrange blocks within the page by selecting a block and then dragging and dropping using the multi-dotted icon, or moving the block up or down using the arrows.

Screenshot of block movement controls

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