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Saluting the trailblazers: Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida names honorees from UF

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The Academy of Science, Engineering and Medicine of Florida (ASEMFL) has inducted former UF dean of engineering, Cammy R. Abernathy, Ph.D., as member. The ceremony also saw the naming of twelve mid-career researchers from throughout the state of Florida as “Rising Stars” by the academy, including two from UF, and a UF alumnus.

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UF to use $23.5 million grant to build AI infrastructure to improve critical care

In NewsBy Cody HawleyStory originally published on UF Health News

The University of Florida has been awarded $3.6 million of a $23.5 million multicenter grant for a four-year data-generation project that is unprecedented in its scope, aimed at building an infrastructure for artificial intelligence in critical care and advancing artificial intelligence in ways that improve patients’ ability to recover from life-threatening illnesses.

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Artificial Intelligence Platform Predicts Surgical Complications

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University of Florida researchers have confirmed their artificial intelligence system, known as MySurgeryRisk, is at least as accurate as physicians in predicting surgical complications and sometimes more so. Developing and testing MySurgeryRisk has been a collaborative, interdisciplinary effort involving experts across the UF campus. A group of 22 engineering and medical researchers initially helped to develop and test the algorithm, and researchers from the UF departments of anesthesiology, medicine and electrical and computer engineering contributed to the latest findings.