Four Step Internship Process – Company

Four Step Internship Process – Company

1. Identify company needs ​

  • The company provides the scope of work and preferred skillset/experiences for internship. ​

2. ​UF Innovation Station initiates intern search with a focus on students from the Sarasota region​

  • Scope of work is distributed to students. ​
  • Student resumes were collected and reviewed for the best candidates.​
  • Resumes for the best candidates are provided to the company for review.​

​3. Company initiates interview process ​

  • Company contacts student(s) of interest directly to set up interviews/discussions. Note that all human resource activities are between the company and the student including items such as job offers, salary, timing, reporting structure, etc. ​
  • The company provides UFIS feedback on the candidate(s) and/or requests further information/candidates if needed.​

​4. Internship follow-up​

UFIS initiates contact with company/student mid-way and post-internship to gather feedback to support process improvement.