Graduating with honors

The requirement for “magna cum laude” or “summa cum laude” involves a thesis, research project or some other approved body of creative work, which is submitted for evaluation according to the rules of the Honors Office, the College, and the student’s major department. The appropriate departmental faculty committee decides whether a project warrants a magna cum laude or summa cum laude designation. The requirement for “cum laude” is based on only grade point average.

The Honors Program Office has the responsibility for maintaining a database for all thesis, research project reports, or creative works that are submitted for magna cum laude or summa cum laude designations. Although students are responsible for knowing the requirements for the various honors designations, departments should undertake to remind eligible students. For those students seeking magna cum laude or summa cum laude honors, the department is asked to inform students of their responsibility to submit abstracts, necessary forms, and copies of their thesis to the student’s major department student records office. The departmental staff will then submit forms to the College Dean’s office on or before the deadline.

POSTBACCALAUREATE students are not eligible to receive any type of honors recognition; however, exceptions to this policy are allowed. To request an exception to this policy, the student should contact their department requesting an exception in writing. The department will, if they support the student’s request to graduate with an honors designation, submit a letter of exception addressed to Dr. Kevin Knudson to Engineering Student Affairs (Adrienne L. Cook, 204A Weil Hall). The letter should be signed by the department chair or authorized designee and should have a signature line for the Associate Dean of Engineering Student Affairs. This letter should be submitted no later than the same day departments submit the preliminary degree certification online. (For this date please refer to the Critical Dates calendar at The Engineering Student Affairs office will submit the letter of exception to the Honors Office. Deadline information can be obtained from the department office.