Register for Building Notifications



Register for Building Notifications


The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering has email lists set up for each building that is occupied by a significant number of College employees. In some cases, several smaller buildings that are located in the same geographic area of campus, share the same email list. These lists are used to alert occupants about various construction projects and emergency situations and do not generate a lot of emails. Subscription is open and not mandatory. You can subscribe/unsubscribe to the lists at your own discretion.

Using the table below, you can easily SUBSCRIBE or UNSUBSCRIBE to any Building List within the HWCOE 

By clicking “subscribe,” you will prompt an email box to appear. In order to subscribe to the list, you must press send on the email. You will receive confirmation once you are subscribed.

Building Name
Bldg. No. Bldg. Abbreviation
Email List

Joseph Weil Hall 0024 WEIL ENG-BLDGOPS-0024-WEIL-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe 
Engineering 0033 NEB ENG-BLDGOPS-0033-NEB-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Computer Sciences/Engineering 0042 CSE ENG-BLDGOPS-0042-CSE-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Nanoscale Research Facility 0070 NANO ENG-BLDGOPS-0070-NANO-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Percy L. Reed Laboratory 0131 RLA ENG-BLDGOPS-0131-RLA-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – Bldg. C 0183 MAEC ENG-BLDGOPS-0183-MAEC-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Frederick N. Rhines Hall 0184 RHN ENG-BLDGOPS-0184-RHN-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Biomedical Sciences Building 0213 BMS ENG-BLDGOPS-0213-BMS-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Nuclear Field Building 0554 NFB ENG-BLDGOPS-0554-NFB-L Subscribe
Nuclear Reactor Building 0557 NRB ENG-BLDGOPS-0557-NRB-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Nuclear Sciences 0634 NSC ENG-BLDGOPS-0634-NSC-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Electronic Communications Building (FLARE) 0668 ECL ENG-BLDGOPS-0668-ECL-L Subscribe 
Materials Engineering 0719 MAE ENG-BLDGOPS-0719-MAE-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – Bldg. B 0720 MAEB ENG-BLDGOPS-0720-MAEB-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
John R. Benton Hall 0721 BEN ENG-BLDGOPS-0721-BEN-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Merwin J. Larsen Hall 0722 LAR ENG-BLDGOPS-0722-LAR-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Chemical Engineering 0723 CHE ENG-BLDGOPS-0723-CHE-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Alvin P. Black Hall 0724 BLK ENG-BLDGOPS-0724-BLK-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering – Bldg. A 0725 MAEA ENG-BLDGOPS-0725-MAEA-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Particle Science & Technology 0746 PST ENG-BLDGOPS-0746-PST-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
CHE Temp Admin Building 0760 ENGHR ENG-BLDGOPS-0760-ENGHR-L Subscribe
Earle B. Phelps Lab 0856 PHELPS ENG-BLDGOPS-0856-PHELPS-L Subscribe
Chemical Engineering Student Center 0958 CESC ENG-BLDGOPS-0958-CESC-L Subscribe    Unsubscribe
Herbert Wertheim Laboratory of Engineering Excellence 0779 WERT ENG-BLDGOPS-0779-WERT-L Subscribe 
Malachowsky Hall for Data Science & Information Technology 1024 MALAC ENG-BLDGOPS-1024-MALAC-L Subscribe 
East Campus Buildings ENG-BLDGOPS-EAST-CAMPUS-L Subscribe 
Energy Park Buildings ENG-BLDGOPS-ENERGY-PARK-L Subscribe 
Sustainable Materials Management Research Laboratory 0226



Sending to a Building Operations List

Since the Building Operations lists are configured as announcement lists, only select individuals are allowed to send to the list. If you have a notification or alert to send to any of these lists, please Click Here.