HWCOE Facility Reservations Policies

HWCOE Facility Reservations Policies




HWCOE Event Space Policies and Procedures

Event spaces can be reserved on the Service Request page located HERE.

Please read all policies and procedures before submitting a reservation. 


  • Scheduling
    •  The event must be sponsored/co-sponsored by an HWCOE academic department and/or College Administration.
    • Requests should be made as far in advance of the event as possible but not less than two weeks ahead.
    • All requests must be made by completing the reservation form at the bottom of this page. You will be contacted once your reservation is confirmed. If necessary, the Director of Facilities Operations will consult with the College’s Executive Committee prior to a response.
  • Availability
    •  All facilities are available for reservations Monday – Friday from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Reservations outside of these hours require special permission. The event may not interfere with the normal ongoing teaching and research functions in the building.
  • Tables
    • We have a limited amount of tables, and we cannot assure sufficient tables for each event. If you know you will need tables, please discuss your specific needs with us, and consider renting tables to supply to your event. Additional tables are available to rent from Facilities Services.
  • Food
    •  Food functions must be limited to reception-type activities; no regular meal function may be held. Food set-up tables must be limited to the tile floor areas.
    • Organizers will need to contact UF Facilities Services to ensure the availability of sufficient trash cans in convenient locations.
  • Organizers are responsible for cleanup after the event.
  • Occupancy
    • Please note that all reservations must adhere to the following occupancy limits:
      Building Area Number of Individuals in Concentrated Occupancy Number of Individuals in Less Concentrated Occupancy
      Subroto and Susmita Bagchi Creative Concourse (Wertheim Lobby) 300 (standing) 140 (sitting)
      199A, Harris Corporation Rotunda (NEB Lobby) 137 64
      199B, Harris Corporation Rotunda (NEB Lobby) South Wing 128 60
      199C, Harris Corporation Rotunda (NEB Lobby) S.W. Entrance area 63 30
      199D, Harris Corporation Rotunda (NEB Lobby) N.W. Entrance area 63 30
      199E, Harris Corporation Rotunda (NEB Lobby) North Wing 128 60