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Buildings Overview

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering has over one million gross square feet of facilities. Approximately 75% of the space is assignable square footage utilized for research, administration, classroom, and conference space. Most of this space is located on UF’s main campus. The Engineering buildings on the main campus are located in three general areas, typically referred to as:

  • North Campus (South of Stadium Rd and North of Museum Rd)
  • South Campus (South of Museum Rd and North of UF-Health/Shands)
  • Surge Area (South of Performing Arts Center and North of Archer Rd.)

The HWCOE also has 25 other buildings and facilities located off-campus that include the following locations:

  • East Campus (Located on Waldo Road at 23rd Ave intersection)
  • Solar Park (South of Archer Rd on SW 23rd Terrace)
  • Coastal Lab (Located on 6th street, South of Depot Rd)
  • REEF Lab (Located in Shalamar, FL adjacent to Eglin Air Force Base)

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Alerts and Notifications

The Herbert Wertheim College of Engineering Listservs is a resource to provide you with important updates, alerts, and notifications about the buildings that are relevant to you. They are lists you can subscribe or unsubscribe to at your discretion, and alerts will be sent to you via email. Subscription to these lists is not mandatory, and they do not generate a high volume of emails.

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Space ANalysis

We take care to ensure that all buildings and rooms are correctly categorized based on utilization. Annually, our space allocation process  involves collecting data about how each room is being used and who is using it. We work with web-based computer applications to keep up with cataloging room departments, uses, and occupants.

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