Building and Room Access

Building Hours

All HWCOE buildings are open Monday-Friday.  The hours of each building can vary in order to accommodate classroom access.  The exterior building doors will be electronically locked after the final class has finished for the day.
All HWCOE buildings will remain closed during the weekends and on all major holidays.

Requesting Keys for Rooms

Room keys may be requested in order to gain access to office and/or lab space throughout the HWCOE.  All keys for HWCOE Administrative spaces can be requested by submitting a service request to HWCOE Facilities Operations

Electronic Door Access

Authorized faculty, staff, and students are able to gain after-hours access to the buildings using electronic card readers.  After-hours building access can be requested by submitting a service request to HWCOE Facilities Operations

Installing Electronic Door Access

The University of Florida standard for electronic door access is currently the Lenel System. The HWCOE Facility Operations project management staff can assist you through the installation process. Each project requires a scope of work developed by UF – Physical Security. Our staff will then retain quotes from qualified vendors according to the requirements outlined in the scope of work. The cost of a system can vary greatly from project to project. The differences in cost are related to the amount and capacity of existing Lenel equipment in a building. Some buildings may already have existing hardware that can support additional door controls; however, some buildings will need additional hardware installed to support new doors.